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Have been really excited about this phone, however there are several basic things that are lacking with this phone.
Essential improvements:
1. The ability to use the wide angle camera lens in 3rd party apps. It would be nice if we could switch the camera being used via the navigation bar flip toggle setting (which is used to change the angle of the tilt of the camera)
2. Better dual sim usage. The current interface is not very user friendly in identifying before you start calling, which sim you are using. Most other dual sims will have a selection in the notification bar as to which phone is the primary phone number that you would call out with. Also, the interface would change to that designated colour to indicate which sim is selected so you know which one you will be calling out with. Currently its very confusing to know which sim will call out with on the phone.
3. Voice activation for camera photos eg saying "Cheese" or "Smile" will trigger the camera to take a photo. As the camera doesn't have image stabilisation, particularly when taking selfies, having to press the screen to take photos causes vibration and blurring of the images. By having voice activation (eg saying "Smile" or "cheese") helps with that.

Desirable improvements:
4. More complex alarm settings - eg simple maths puzzle to turn off alarm, being able to turn the phone over to snooze
5. Being able to see what the different times are in different time zones eg if it is now 9am in Sydney, what the time is in New York etc.


  • Alright I'm no moderator here but I've seen similar requests and could have some information

    1) I've read this has been forwarded to the relevant team by one of the mods already
    2) I think these features would not be considered very seriously. The dialer interface has been maintained very very very close to stock, which does provide seamless experience except a few hiccups here and there. These requests seem to be well away of stock interface.

    3) To get stabilized images, you could just slide the shutter button up to 2-3 seconds timer and leave, which I believe makes such features bloat. But in the end, it's for the mods to answer

    4 and 5) There are great third party apps out there that give these features.

  • Sorry for the late reply here ;

    1) We've received this feedback and we've passed it to our devs but there are plenty of technical hurdles that affect app usability when doing this, especially fooling the app behind which camera is being used.. as of now there is no firm conclusion that we can implement this in a good way.

    2) Today there exist these options;

    1. You can set in the SIM options which SIM is the Preferred Calling account. However you may also set that the dialer shall use the same SIM to return a call using the same SIM that received the call. Which SIM received the call , or made the last call, can be indicated in the Recents view in the Dialer by a SIM icon with 1 or 2.
    2. You can also , instead of setting a "preferred" SIM for voice calls, set the dialer to "Always Ask" which SIM to be used.'

    3) We prefer rather that you use the easy timer - by pressing down on the shutter button and dont release - then slide your finger upwards to set a shutter timer. This is very easy to trigger and also can help for stability on selfies. As @kinguntas23 kindly replied.

    4) While an interesting feature , we dont think this is necessarily a high priority of additions - but with enough voice we may consider it as well. There are other suggestions we've received for our Alarm app that would be more prioritised first should any changes be made.

    5) In our clock app, there is a tab called "World Clock". You can add other cities there and as such get an overview of the time in other timezones.

  • Thanks heaps for your feedback.

    The ability to use the wide angle camera in 3rd party apps is probably the most important feature I believe. Its very hard and very uncomfortable trying to video call someone with the current main camera... (either that or my arms are too short!)

    I've had several other phones that have two front facing cameras and it's been quite easy to toggle between the two in 3rd party apps. I guess I don't know why it's so hard to do that with the Zenfone...?

    Thanks for your feedback, but it would be greatly appreciated if you could prioritise this. Even enabling it with bugs, will give at least some choice in the matter.

  • Just out of curiosity, what phones did you have. I can't recall many that had dual front facing cameras. Just trying to gain some knowledge

  • LG V40.

    The LGs have been good performers hardware wise and there are many little things that I miss since the change.

    The main downfall with LG phones is the suboptimal battery life and performance and poor/slow software updates. Camera, sound on LGs are great though!

  • Obviously price point wise, the Zenfone is in a different class to LG's. The Zenfone's got phenomenal battery life, and true dual sim (not hybrid sim), with expandable storage and headphone jack - those were all factors in me wanting to give it a try instead of sticking with LG. On the other side, there are just those small things that are missing that would make this a great phone! (like being able to use the wide angle camera in 3rd party apps!)

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    I will look into this once more to see if they have found some clever work around. I didn't know that it worked with some LG phones

  • I don't think that voice activation for selfie will work that much, cuz then the consumption will be increased and it may not work in party or public places are there may be enough sound distraction

    I like your idea of Alarm snooze by math puzzle, if this gets installed, Asus will be the first one to do so and it's good also!!! Great creativity!!

  • Actually, the alarm snooze by math puzzle as well as the voice activation from selfie are both features implemented by LG and works great! The voice activation selfie mode with LG works great in all environments. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find another camera app that is able to replicate LG's stock voice activation feature.

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    Voice activation for photography is great & something I have used a lot in the past on Samsung & Huawei phones - I thought it was part of stock Android actually!

    It allows for selfies posed while doing something with both hands & therefore also allows the photo to be taken from further away without an arm showing & on a stable surface.

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