C523NA chromebook USB type-c ports sometimes work and sometimes not, especially left one.

  1. System: ChromeOS
  2. Battery or AC: AC
  3. Model: C523NA
  4. Frequency of occurrence: sometimes especially on left port usb type-c
  5. Reset OS: I did but in vain
  6. Screenshot or video: N-A


Detailed description:When I want to charge the device from left side type-C port then its does not work. i use right side usb typt-C for charging.

if i want to use type-c headphone in left side it some times work but sometimes not, if i put the heaphone in right side, it always work and i unplug the headphone immediately and put in left again so that time left side would surely connect the heaphone. I resest the device but no benefit, the issue persists.


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