ASUS, shame on you and your shameless practices

I literally cannot believe how shameless ASUS is. Is this a joke? You're literally releasing another special edition despite having issues such as camera circuit breaking, dead power IC, fragile phone, and tons of software issues and to top it all off, release this expensive special edition after qualcomm has released their newest SOC which is a huge step up from last gen?

According to qualcomm you knew all about this:

This new mobile platform will be adopted by global OEMs and brands including ASUS Republic of Gamers, HONOR, iQOO, Motorola, nubia, OnePlus, OPPO, REDMAGIC, Redmi, SHARP, Sony Corporation, vivo, Xiaomi, XINGJI/MEIZU, and ZTE, with the first commercial devices expected by the end of 2022.

Are you serious?! You are fully aware of the release date and information on the gen2, yet you still do your moneygrab and make an edition based on the gen1 chip. Thats absolutely disgusting and honestly at this point I'm convinced the company don't give a damn anymore, it's so blatant what the intention is.

So now people will have to spend tons of money so they can get outperformed by consumer grade phones after around 2 months? I am beyond dissapointed, the once proud people who worked on the Rog3 probably got fired or are strangled by the business unit and now this dumpsterfire is the new standard, honestly you lost all credability and I have no hope for the future of the Rog phone brand. It seems we gamers will have to switch to another brand that at least gives a fk, this is beyond embaressing and I cannot find words for this shameless moneygrab, I honestly hope that sony will step up to the plate. There are very promising leaks regarding the V, so I'll be on the lookout for that. I think most people here have lost all interest and are tired of ASUS's BS, maybe it's time for the Rog phone to die.

Back when the Rog3 was released, we had gamer scentric features, experimental gear such as twinview and docking station, rock solid device, we had actual innovation, passion and cool features, today we got lazy fragile garbage being marketed as premium, it's a shame, it really is. When I saw the Rog5 I had hoped it was an honest mistake, but it seems this confirms it, there is no mistake, this is pure lazyness and business trying to make anti consumer decisions to make the most money.

@FunBike31 tagging you as well since you will eventually come across this abomination as well.


  • But you also get thoose insane in game items !

    In-game rewards

    The Adventure’s Pack

       6 x Aspirant’s Keys

       100 x Culling Stones

       4 x Reforge Stones

       3 x Gem Power

    Makes it totaly worth it !

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    Haha, already seen, I could have written exactly the same comment and even added the upcoming release of the dimensity 9200, still under Android 12 (the worst date when you only guarantee 2 major updates) and above all still 100€ more than the Batman version and at this price no ventilation hatch.

    I already thought the same thing with the Batman edition, this time it's the coup de grace and it's the feeling of a user who since AGP-V3000 has always had ASUS motherboards and graphics with only one traitor, an ABIT KT7-Raid, and of course currently with zero ASUS in our last 2 PCs.

    All the more saddened and angry at this rogue (non rog5 reminder) and incapable (firmware) behavior as it would have been a wonderful gift for my wife, a Diablo fan from the start, elle continuera qu'a jouer qu'avec son PC et PC portable :)

    Désolé pour la qualité, la photo a été prise avec mon ROG5 😁

  • Honestly, considering the amount of cash some people drop on Immortal, they should be giving this ed of the phone for free 😂

  • NadziNadzi Level 2

    maybe Asus has fixed the flood problems with the camera in this model

  • Ваши разработчики только порьтят телефон сенсер работает ужасно надо насколько раз нажать в одно и то же место чтобы он сработал до последних двух прошивок работал телефон нормально а теперь не телефон а помойка

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    Dude you have clearly no idea what are you talking about... "Insane in game items" lmfao it's a few day f2p grind... Even a 5$ bundle give you more than this pack lol...

  • I hate to break it to you, but he's being sarcastic. He knows the ingame items aint worth sht.

  • Looks like ASUS has made sure this topic can't be updated so it gets more views. This is borderline confirming that ASUS at this point has malicious intentions, these arent honest mistakes, they are full aware of what they're doing.

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