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Why the bending is a problem

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Since some people are absolutely clueless when it comes to why the "bendiness" of the phone is a problem. I decided to let louis rossman do the talking for me:

At 8:00 he explains in very simple terms why it is a problem. He is refering to Iphones here, which had the infamous touchIC / AudioIC (depending on model) issue, while on the Rog5 we have fingerprint + simcard defect, probably also the WIFI defect. The Rog6 likely don't have the wifi defect, however instead it looks like the Rog6 instead trades that for defective camera circuit.
It's not a question IF you get one of those defects, but when. The more you use the phone, even with a case, the more it will eventually break on you. does ASUS care? nope, but neither seem a good chunk of fanboys either, so this topic is mainly for those who don't want to deal with a dead brick soon.

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Ok then, switch to another brand. See ya.