Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: ROG 5
  2. Firmware Version: WW-31.0810.1226.128
  3. Rooted or not: NOT
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: always when playing games
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): GENSHIN IMPACT

I'm very new to Asus phones so this will be my first rog phone, I Mange to buy this phone to my local asus store, my main purpose for buying this phone is to play genshin impact but to my surprise I'm very disappointed on its performance I'm not getting the advertise performance on genshin impact is it just me??? did I bought a defective phone ???? because every time I play genshin impact it struggles to play the game I'm getting very poor fps no matter what mod I use xmod, xmod + game tunning, and harcode tunning. on my REAL ME GT NEO 3 which is running snapdragon 870 can play this game very smoothly even on the highest settings but on my rog5 which have a snapdragon 888 even if I try lowering it to medium setting is still struggles....... which is I'm confuse because the snapdragon 888 is much powerful than the snapdragon 870

I Don't know if its a software issue or not @Mattias_ASUS  Gustav_ASUS or any mod could kindly help me and let their developer team know the performance on their phone right know or might as well go back to my local asus store and ask for a refund because I paid to much for a gaming phone where it can't even play one of the most demanding games on the android store ;(



  • ask for refund. Nothing new, we all know about the poor performance.

  • That looks a bit weird, could you please send me a pic of your settings in Genshin?

    I also noticed that Sumeru specially is super demanding and not super well optimized, I got it lagging on my PC even.

  • Mattias_ASUSI'm just running the game at med settings ;(

    that's why I'm very confuse why the phone is struggling to play the game as soon the temps reach 40c I can see on my game genie the cpu clock is throttling super hard way down to 845ghz.. and even if I'm not on the sumeru I' m still getting poor fps especially during intense combat ;(

    while on my real me gt neo 3 I can run the game smoothly at the highest settings even on demanding areas of sumeru I'm still maintaining 50 to 40 fps

  • MT0MT0 Level 2

    Madgamer sadly it's a software issue from ASUS their WW-31.0810.1226.128 firmware has a lot of bug all of us here whose using the rog 5 have been dealing it with it for the past year now and asus still hasn't manage to fix it they even made it even worst to the point it's embarrassing to call it a gaming phone 🤮🤢 here's my discussion regarding the issue.

    If I were you Would ask for a refund because right now the rog 5 is a joke phone that shouldn't have existed in the first place .

  • Turn off game genie and it will be fine. Pubg, CODM, genshin impact every high graphics games are lagging only because of this game genie.


  • Ive Bought This Phone Really Hard With Many Expectation, But Now Im Realized That My Hard Earned Money 50,000₹ Got Wasted By Buying This Rog Phone 5, its Crashing Everytime, in One Day Its Turning Off 20 Times And I Need To Turn It On By Pressing the 3 Buttons for 5 + minutes, so Everytime it turns off, i need to wait atleast 10+ minutes ti turn on this phone, Actually Why Every Rog Has This Crashing Issue, Will You Guys Give Me Any Refund For This 🥲 Really wasted My Money On This Phone, Already Changed MotherBoard One Time And Now I Need To Change It Again By Paying Another 20,000₹, Its Completely A Sh*t Phone To Me, Really Bad Service, i need to change the mother board twice time a year ? Only 1 year + and i need to change the mother board twice, i know theres no solution for this, i must change the ohone or motherboard, again, if asus giving 10 motherboard with the phone, then it will be really helpfull 🥲🥲 really a bad phone, money waste

  • Please Check Any Admins 🥲 You Guys Are Really Baddddddddddddddd, If You Can Do Anything For This Mail me, or msg me 🥲 Or Just Ignore, i know you cant do anything, nooooo uuuseeee with this phone, just exchange with amother ohone or money please 🥲 how can i change mother board 2 + times in a year ?

    Please Reply To Me.. Any Mod ?

  • Atleast give us a good service, ive bought this for high price and still i need to change the motherboard for another high price ! Already changed one time because of this crashing issue and it solved, after few momths the problem came again, now i cant use my phone for 30 minutes + , it will turn off and i need to wait 10 minutes and need to force restart,

    Sooo pleaseeee some one help me regarding this,

  • [email protected]

    this is my mail , 🥲 someone helo me please,

  • Hello, H0TLINE BL1NG.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    I have sent you a private message for more detail information, please check.

    Hello, Shabeeb .

    Please check the top right corner of the screen and kindly share the details requested in the PM inbox.

    Thank you!

  • MadgamerMadgamer Level 1
    edited November 1

    So I went back to my local Asus store and demanded a refund but they can't offer me a refund their reason is as long the phone is functioning but I Show them when playing genshin impact I show the poor fps performance and you know what they said that's just how the game works and the snapdragon 888 can't play the game smooth anymore me to myself like what the hell ?????? and I Suddenly show them my real me gt neo 3 t which has a snapdragon 870 and show them that the snapdragon can still play the game at highest settings maintaining 50 to 40fps in any scenario in the game and they can't even explain why is that so yeah ASUS REALLY SCAM ME ON THEIR PHONE VERY VERY DISSAPOINTED.... and they have the audacity to offer me their new rog 6 without resolving my issue because there reason is the new 8 gen 1 chip can play gesnhin impact at smooth 60fps where I Know the snapdragon 888 can aslo play game at a stable 60 fps.....

    Jiaszzz_ASUS Mattias_ASUS

    at least explain to us why is the phone performance like this even if turn off the game gennie the game is still running poorly :/ I DIND'T BUY THIS PHONE JUST TO PLAY GENSHIN LOCK AT 30FPS I WANT MY MONEY BACK.

  • If I only know sooner this asus zentalk forum and see a lot of problem with the rog 5 Then I didn't bought the rog 5 in the first place :(

  • Rog3 with SD 865+ running 60fps genshin.

    as for your Rog5 issue, its because ASUS nerfed performance so it will stop dying on its own.

  • MT0MT0 Level 2

    In short Asus really did scam us on their rog 5 they just won't admit it 😑 gaming phone my ass even the mod can't explain or atleast check the issue and send to their r&d team because they know...

  • of course they know, it was a consious decision to delay the rog5's inevitable death. If you revert back to old as hell firmware it will perform great again but it will be dead within weeks to months, while ASUS will charge almost as much for motherboard repair as when you first bought the phone, sometimes even more than what you paid.

    Lesson: Don't buy Rog phones without consulting people like me who warned you in the first place when that pile of sht was released.

  • MT0MT0 Level 2

    I Didn't even know the zentalk and it was my first rog phone if I only see your post and this forum then I Didn't bought rog 5 in the first place but yeah lesson learn that's why I Shift to poco phone now it's more reliable rather than this joke phone

  • @MT0 I mean when looking at the Poco F4 GT I honestly feel poco is slowly creeping up to flagship tier phone. It has Flagship SoC (altho hot), sidemounted fingerprint, 4, yes, 4 speakers, good display, tuned DAC by JBL and all that for around 400bucks, that's insane value for your money.

  • MT0MT0 Level 2


    YEP poco is really nailing it I mean just look how good the poco x 4gt performs

    with long gaming session just look at those temps its really good unlike the rog 5 10 mins of gameplay in genshin is reaching around 50c plus

    what I'M REALLY WAITING FOR IS THE POCO X5 GT now that's big ROG 6D KILLER FOR me it come with a amoled display and MediaTek Dimensity 9100,Octa core 3.05 GHz 144 Hz Refresh Rate and you know that good part it's estimate price is only 350 to 400 bucks now that's a good deal for me ;)

  • @MT0 I'm personally looking at sony. If they imrpove on speaker a lil bit more and add triggers itll be the most perfect and non compromise phone on the market, altho price is high.

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