New firmware today

Volume control changrs + security patch.


  • D_IMAND_IMAN Level 2

    I wonder why they didn't mention it in the announcement...

  • Potwierdzam i że dostałem u siebie w Polsce. Jest błąd (u mnie) z głośnością. Po wyciszeniu całkowicie dźwięku i kliknięciu na + to nie mamy ton wyżej tylko od razu kilka więcej :( Trzeba za każdym razem ściszać po podgłośnieniu. Asus popraw to...

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    edited October 25

    keren_ASUS× zgłoś problem

  • Zmieniłem tryb regulacji głośności na klasyczny i jest ok. Wersja Asus nie działa prawidłowo.

  • Sounds like a bug with the new volume control. Can anyone confirm?

    Translation to English

    I confirm and that I got at home in Poland. There is an error (for me) with the volume. After completely muting the sound and clicking on + we do not have a ton higher but immediately a few more :( You have to turn it down every time after it turns up loud. Asus correct it... I changed the volume control mode to classic and it is ok. Asus version does not work properly.

  • Hi everyone!

    Thank you for letting us know about this. I will contact you once I hear back from the team.

  • Translation is a bit rough but from what I understand the problem is the volume gets too loud after turning off silent mode?

    I'm also on this Asus Volume but coming from silent mode normally reverts to my previous volume level.

    I also appreciate that this time you cannot accidentally turn off silent mode with the + volume button. You would have to click that "bell" icon to exit silent mode.

  • There is a bug (with me) with the volume. After muting the sound completely and clicking on +, we do not have a tone higher, but a few more immediately: (You have to turn it down each time you turn up the volume.

  • CurlevCurlev Level 1

    I normally download firmwares from Asus website but I cant seem to find a new one. Weird!

  • Ja dostałem po sieci aktualizację...

  • @Karen_ASUS i'm surprised that u take this very insignificant bug serious while asus obviously doesn't care about MAJOR bugs, that make that phone so horrible to work with every day!

    1) pocket mode is still not working! so having the phone in the pocket leads to multiple false inputs. which means the phone might be locked for a minute or calling someone or most frequently opening the emergency call options!

    2) screen turns on during calls which leads again to multiple false inputs, like turning on airplane mode(!!), opening the camera and so on - all that during the call!

    3) VoLTE is not working properly with AT_H3G in austria (funny that with one of the updates on the zenfone 9 you added at least VoWifi for AT_H3G!). When roaming in other countries VoLTE is not available at all which means if i visit the USA (which i do every month) i can't use regular phone calls!!

    4) microphone bug when using speakerphone during calls. people don't understand me because the voice quality is soo bad!

    5) very bad noise reduction/canceling during regular phone calls. it's like it doesn't exist at all. people can hear everything thats going on around me loud and clear!

    those bugs are all such basic things that a phone today at this price point absolutely cannot have! but please take the bug of the new asus volume adjustment tool very seriously!! it's a vital bug and everything else works like a charm! i hope you understand my sarcasm.

    and i'm sure like all the other times you will ignore me again. what a shame.

  • After this patch I noticed a significant decrease in my cell phone signal and 5G switching on H+ sometimes for that reason. That didn't happened with the previous firmware. Can I ask at this point why you guys repair one thing and broke others? Can you just not touch the things that actually WORK? It's a pitty because it's an outstanding phone, but boy you guys need better programmers.

  • Why ASUS do perfect job on software on Windows but you can't do the same job on Android? I use ASUS products for 25 years for God sake... C'mon

  • Well said, Steve. Though I don't think these bugs will ever be fixed. They've known about some of those for over a year. I'm thinking #4 could be hardware related, where the bottom mic and speaker cannot work at the same time.

  • Anybody else having problems with GPS location when using Android Auto after this update?

  • D_IMAND_IMAN Level 2

    I don't know about Android Auto, I don't use it.

    And with maps there are problems with determining the location ...

    I tried enabling the GNSS option in the developer tools - didn't help either...

  • For me it works fine.

  • Hi Everyone,

    Can you please confirm how many times you pressed the volume+ until you found that the volume gets too loud (in ASUS mode)? Also, if possible, can you please share a screenshot of your sound settings (Setting>Sound & vibration).

    Also if you press volume + in classic mode, does the volume control bar increase to the same height as the ASUS mode?


  • Cześć wcisnąłem raz. Nie wzrośnie raz, a kilka razy. Zrzut wyłączenie i włączenia w trybie Asus/Klasyczny.

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