Goodbye Zenfone 8

As I say goodbye to my Zenfone 8, just wanted to say farewell to the community in a post that summarizes my experience.

After pre-ordering the Zenfone 8 and using it daily for since it was delivered in June, I have mixed feelings now at the end.

I was coming from a Pixel 3 and I must say I loved the speed and the screen of the Zenfone. I also loved the Asus flavor of Android - It adds some goodies (but it also loses some). I loved the headphone jack. I loved the size of the phone.

On the other side I felt let down by the fingerprint scanner, bugs (mainly proximity sensor issues - pocket mode and display staying on during calls) and the camera reliability. Sometimes I would take a photo, lock my screen only to find out later that the photo was not saved, or that it is blurry. Also I am kind of disappointed with the slow security updates rollout to devices. I am also disappointed zenfone 8 will get only one more OS update.

In the past few days I was considering pre-ordering Pixel 7 and today I decided not to and stick with the Zenfone 8. I put it in my pocket and I pulled it out 30mins later to find out that the volume up button is stuck. There was no impact, no anything. This was the thing that pushed me back on the Pixel bandwagon (zenfone 9 having the same issues).

I really hope Asus manages to address these issues and hit the nail on the head with the Zenfone 10. Bye everyone!


  • Don't buy the pixel 7 for now. It's camera is awful, I don't know what google did, but the pixel 6 is much better. I tested it multiple times and for whatever reason the Pixel 7 is much worse. Even after 3 camera updates, the Pixel 7 is a mess. Also the battery drain on the pixel 7 is massive, due to googles chip being hella inefficient. If you need a new phone now, get a sony xperia instead. Otherwise wait for snapdragon gen2 phones.

  • After using the pixel 7 for a week I really don't know what you are talking about. I get 8-10 hours SoT with my usage (VPN constantly running in the background), browsing, video watching, combined 4g+wifi usage (no 5g use at all). Same use with my Zenfone 8 was 4-5h SoT, so I am happy.

  • I know 2 who bought the pixel (no pro) and both had mediocre battery life, then all reviews I have seen borderline concludes the same as this review, the quote from the review is inline with the 2 users I know.

    Coming back to the star of the show, the Pixel 7; it manages to last the longest despite having the smallest battery capacity. To be fair, it did just sit there for 15 minutes in the video recording round when every other phone was recording excruciating 4K60fps videos. But it also has to do with the fact that the Pixel 7 had a 90Hz refresh rate display compared to 120Hz on all other phones. Plus, the phone doesn’t really push itself to the limits when it comes to heavier tasks like gaming and benchmarks, so it saved some battery there. For what it’s worth, the Pixel 7 lost the most battery in the Video playback round and that’s a bit concerning. OnePlus and Xiaomi come with LTPO displays that can adjust its refresh rate according to the content being viewed means they most likely switched to a 30Hz or 60Hz refresh rate while the video was being played. The Pixel lacks that ability and maybe that’s why it loses battery faster.


    Prove me wrong by showing me dem battery stats, I suspect you won't do that and instead not answer or come up with some excuse why you suddenly cant.

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    Here are the stats. Check the GSMArena review instead of "mysmartprice".

    FYI;I will not participate in this board anymore unless I get a Zenfone in the future.

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