Issues Regarding ROG Series Software Update Policy

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I wanted to State my opinion Regarding Update Policy with Respect to ROG Series.

I am an Zenfone 6/6z user and I want switch to a newer Device and I Really Like the ROG Series but the only Reason I am holding Back to Purchase an Rog Device is, By no Means ROG is an Affordable Gaming Device and I agree that ASUS is Providing Good Hardware Specifications but the Software support is no where as good as the Device Hardware specifications as the Rival companies Provide Better Support.

Issues Regarding Update Policy as Follows:

  1. Providing Only 2 years of OS/Security Updates is Very Disadvantages to the Customer who Purchased the ROG Device as Other Companies at this Price Point Offers More than 2Years update Policy.
  2. Asus is Not Even Providing any Update Support to "Zen UI" itself even when only "2 years of OS/Security Updates" are Promised. I think ASUS should at least Provide "ZEN UI" Update to their Devices Regardless of ANDROID OS Updates.
  3. Asus Does not Add Any new Features to their Devices not Even from Time to Time, the Only things that they Release in Updates are "Security Patches and Optimized System Stability/Bug Fixes". If More Info Needed Check Release Note.
  4. System Apps that were Provided By ASUS OEM Also lacks Update Support, Most Of the Other Companies Provide Time to time Updates to their OEM System Apps.

Guys Everyone in the Community Support this Discussion, so that We/Consumers Get Better Support and Value for our Purchase.

I Would Like ASUS to Solve these Issues as Providing Support to these Above will make Consumers Satisfaction to their Purchase.



  • I think we all want that, including ASUS. But for it to happen more people need to buy the phone to they become bigger and can have more people.

    Providing updates is costly and in the phone business ASUS is very, very tiny. So it's a bit of catch 22.

    Hopefully, even with 2 OS updates, they can extend to as least 3 years security updates. Over time this message help more people buy it, such means more updates as well further down the road.

  • I agree with you Regarding Providing updates are Very Costly, But only 2 Years of updates doesn't Help ASUS in Sales point of View I don't know why they are not recognizing this.

    First Thing that Consumers will check is Update Policy even YouTubers are Highlighting This Update Policy Issue in initial impressions/Review or all Videos.

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