Giving up on my Zenfone 9

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I know this isn't the best place to share this, but maybe someone is browsing this board not as a fan and owner, but as a prospective buyer. For these people I want to share the following:

The Zenfone 9 has an amazing form factor, great battery life and a mostly uncluttered (free of bloat) version of Android.

Unfortunately, it's also very very slow (my old Pixel 4A is smoother and we had 5, 6 and now 7 in that series since). The Zenfone 9 stutters, randomly hangs a lot. The second SIM tray never worked okay (I created a thread on this board for this, another user reported the same issue. No follow-up or solution, thread is closed due to inactivity). GPay doesn't work properly for me in some scenarios (and no, it's not my account or card or whatever). Asus did follow up here, but it lead nowhere in the end.

So the phone cannot do the daily tasks I need it for (use my second SIM and/or pay for public transport) and feels more sluggish than a device that is quite a few years older. I'll switch back and just got a screen replacement for the 4A instead.

People that are on the fence about getting this phone: I suggest a hands-on session first. It might be a great device for you or it might not be a good fit - like for me.



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    Sounds to me like a faulty device, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this phone !

    2 simcards work perfectly here, no speed loss or stutters. Just pure speed !

    In comparison with my other phone(s) in the family it is the fastest ever. (compared to a Sony Experia iv and Motorola 30 Pro).

    It just keeps going and never gets very hot, not even under stress.

  • I think you mean "There's nothing wrong with YOUR phone" !!, you can't speak for anyone else, if everyone had the same opinion as you there there would be no threads on this forum ,but, last time I looked there are numerous threads quoting different issues.

  • So why set up a thread telling everyone that the phone is down when only some people are down? I have this phone and I do not confirm any of the problems indicated by the author of the topic.

  • I suggest you read his whole post because as far as I can see he suggests people try the phone if possible before they buy, I certainly don't object to new posts like this as it gives people an insight to products before they buy.

  • Nothing wrong with MY phone either. It's quite a bit smoother than my Pixel 4, 4a, and 5 (I refuse to give them up for some reason) and there are no major troubles to report. Small issues at most.

  • Thing is, his case is rather odd, most here would agree that the zenfone 9 is far from sluggish and slow. The only real issues I know of are: oversharpening + no LED notification.

    1. Very poor WiFi and/or mobile network connectivity
    2. Random restarts when phone not in use
    3. Calls randomly disconnecting during phone calls
    4. Phone unlocks in pocket
    5. Proximity sensor not working (screen stays on when making calls)

    To name but a few, what I will say is the phone is perfect size (in my opinion), fantastic build quality, very decent camera, and ,as you say extremely quick, let's hope software updates fix these issues.

  • It means this phone behaves randomly depends on unknown thing. I don't have any of mentioned issues:

    1. I have good WiFi and mobile connectivity.
    2. My phone never restarted so far.
    3. Calls never disconnected so far.
    4. Phone never unlocked in pocket so far (I use fingerprint reader).
    5. Proximity sensor is working correctly to me.

    However I have different annoying software problems like this

  • It might be worth going to a service center to have the phone checked out.

    @martinparker28, I have not faced any random restarts ever. I have faced poor network but I think that is because of my work area. I have faced the phone unlocking in my pocket. I do pray, like you, for a quick software update to fix this.

  • If the previous 2 factory resets didn't work I can't see another working....

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    If it helps, my phone is the 16gb version and has absolutely 0 issues.

  • 0 issues here (well maybe the slight over-sharpening in camera)

    Sounds like you have a faulty device.

  • Love the form factor of this phone, battery seems strong, camera could be better but not terrible.

    My concern in throughput on a cell signal. I though it felt a little sluggish, so I compared it to my sons's Pixel 7, same location/time/sim card.

    While both on band 2, the Pixel would pull 228 down and 17 up, the Zen9 did 70 down and 6 up.

    While on band 66, Pixel did 335 downs and 20 up, Zen9 did 103 down and 14 up.

    Rebooted each and repeated, about the same, would not have expected such a difference!

  • My opinion is that this the fastest android phone at the moment, fluidity is even better than iPhone and that's a lot. Zero problems with me and only complain is over sharpening in camera.

  • Glad it works for you. For me it's sluggish like a phone from 2017 and .. is broken for all my use cases. I'm in the process of listing it for sale at the local 3rd party market (Carousell) at a loss, just to get something out of it. For me, it was a huge and complete disappointment and doesn't even manage to work as a daily driver.

  • Sir, look at all these people telling you your device is likely defective. Your experience does not line up with the majority of Zenfone 9 users, doesn't that tell you maybe utilizing that 1-year warranty may be in order? You don't have to be disappointed, these things happen quite frequently, you could have a defective RAM module or something like that. This is the point where you contact tech support, you send yours in, they send you a new one, you walk away happy as a clam. Or you can just resolve to be hugely disappointed.

  • Well, sounds like a faulty phone, my 2 month old Zenfone 9 has no issues at all, very smooth and fast experience.

  • Selfie camera hardware is decent but the software processing is really bad.

  • I received this last time I reached out:

    Kindly take note your device is entitled with local warranty and it is an oversea set. Therefore repair will be chargeable and subject to parts availability. Any final charges/quotation will be advised by the service center after inspection.

    Out of warranty/In-warranty (Customer Induced Damage) fee:

    Evaluation fee: $30 (this fee will be waived if you decide to proceed with the repair and labor)

    Repair and labor fee: $80

    Parts replacement fee: This will be advised by the service center.


    I'm not paying for a phone that never worked properly, and I find it questionable that I get punished for having an "overseas handset" (in other words: I ordered it online because I was excited about it and it's not available in this country).

    So no, it's not just a case of walking into some place and getting a working phone, unfortunately.

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