Future Availability of Zenfone 9 in Blue 16GB/256GB Variant (for US / Version C)?

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Is there any kind of estimate of when/if there will be availability of a 16GB/256GB version in Blue (for US / Version C)? Currently I've only seen these specs available in Black, but it would be lovely to have it in Blue instead.

Thanks in advance for any clarity!



  • I was planning on ordering the blue as well, but since I was hoping for the same upgraded 16B/256GB version I gave up and ordered in black. A shipping label has already been reported as being created, with an estimated delivery by Wednesday October 12th. I'm so hoping that this Gen 9 of the Zenfone series is as good as the reviewers are saying.

  • I've had my 16gb/256gb for 3 weeks now..... Not impressed,still got a proximity sensor issue, constant reboots while idle, very poor WiFi and mobile connectivity to name but a few.

  • @martinparker28 do you have the global version or the US version ?

  • I'm in the UK so I have the global version👍

  • If Asus don't make the red one with 16gb of ram available in the US, I won't buy it, I want the phone but I won't pay a penny for something I don't like... Besides they need to work on the compatibility with T-Mobile

  • Hi @LearningToBuild

    Thank you for reaching out. The ZenFone 9 16GB/256GB version in Blue will not be available in the US. It's only available in the 8GB/128GB version.

  • Well, boogers -- that's a shame and very disappointing, though thank you very much for the honest reply. Will the ZenFone 9 16GB/256GB be available in *any* colors other than Black for the US? And actually, I'm most interested in the 16GB RAM in some color other than Black (for the US). ASUS has made all these lovely colors for the Zenfone 9 and it is a bummer to not get to enjoy one of them (but I would really like the higher specs, at least the RAM).

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