Before you buy the Rog6D, watch this topic

Before you open your wallet, let others betatest the Rog6D for you.

Yes, the Rog6D sounds extremely good, long battery life, unparalleled gaming performance and seemingly many things fixed BUT, we still don't know if the issues on the Rog6 also are on the Rog6D, which are currently:

blowing up power IC


Attempting to nuke camera module.

I strongly advise to wait and see how its going to run on the longer term. Roughly 1-2months from now. Watch out for any reports of dead Rog6D phones or the like. If you find ANY reportedly dead Rog6D, refrain from buying.


  • stop getting angry at me, you're the one that didnt listen and bought a device that would be obsolete after 3months. No worries, once the Gen2 is out and new dimensity chip, the Rog6D users will also have to deal with a new sudden Rog6D S model.

  • No need to insist, he is no worse blind than the one who does not want to see

    When I see 3 new posts where the Rog vision is the first concern when unboxing, one who does not know the characteristics of the ROG 6 he bought (fixed screen on the back), another who does not know how to activate it or read a manual to finish with one who tries to download Armory Create from the play Store from the first start of the ROG 6, I do not know whether to laugh or cry. +1000€ anyway or the only concern is the rear screen🤔

  • Because of the crappy back screen, now people put their phone face down to see the back, so they scratch their front screen with sand and whatnot.

  • do you know when it will be available??? I'm from Slovakia, but it should be the same for CZ.SVK.DE

  • From what I can see in most places in europe it seems the regular is on 13.10.2022 and the ultimate is on 20.10.2022, I would wait tho to see if it fails on reliability like the previous phones did. So far tho, no reports of dead phones which is a good thing.

  • too bad it's so late. You can now buy the S22 Ultra for 900 euros. Compared to Asus, it is 100 euros cheaper, but in every aspect it is twice as good and without damage to the hardware or software... I can't decide

  • If you can wait, then wait, if not, you might find other alternatives to be safe.

  • I had a S20Ultra S21Ultra S21Fe Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Galaxy Z Fold 2.3 and never had a green screen. I had an Oppo Find X2 Pro, Oneplus 8Pro, Nothing Phone and they had a problem with a greenish display and also the last generation Asus Flip

  • Its because samsung decided to make sure the lowest brightness level blinds you.

    On release they had green tint, however samsung decided to "fix" it by making sure you can go lower than a certain value so even at its lowest brightness level its way to bright. Someone who is light sensitive like me literally cannot use the phone at all.

  • I decided on the asus 6d. I'm afraid to go classic version 6 when there's a hardware problem. Any chance Asus will ever comment on this??? I think the 6D will be a better choice. I will wait for availability and want it as soon as it is listed. The classic ROG 6 is currently on sale in Slovakia. Gift for purchase is Aero Active.

  • Does the Asus Rog Phone also have such a green display?

  • We don't know if 6D has hardware issues yet, I'd suggest waiting. As for commenting on issues, its very unlikely. Have you ever seen them comment on the Rog3 miscalibrated display? Ever seen them comment on Rog5 failures?

  • Yes, I was really looking forward to the ROG 3. I bought it and had the same display problem as everyone here. This phone could not be used. The display was completely bad. I sold it. Then in the meantime I bought Z Fold 2. ROG5 came out later and when I got tired of Z Fold 2, I wanted to buy ROG 5, but there was a problem with the motherboard, wifi and speakers stopped working. I think ROG 6 will be top and suddenly I read that problems with cameras and overheating will destroy the whole phone. Sorry, maybe it's not about the money, but it's about the fact that I want to buy a phone and play, and not after unpacking to look for 5 problems and whether they have been solved... it's very sad and I'm surprised that ASUS management allowed such machines saw the light of day. In the era of Steve Jobs at Apple, Asus management would have been out of a job.

  • I know, I'm trying to make ASUS finally wake up, because if they want to, they can absolutely create one of, if not the best phone on the market. But for whatever reason the quality control department is either non existant or extremely incompetent.

    I made a custom kernel to fix the display, so I'm still on the Rog3, as aside from mishandled calibration the phone is almost perfect.

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