My Phone is dead now all of sudden

Andorid 12, ww.114

From September 16 my phone randomly restarted and then my speakers were gone and wifi was not working properly, Today i was surfing YouTube using my headphones and boom!! my phone hanged and switched off, i tried charging it, no notifcation led nothing ,now literally its dead, i dont know what should i do, this was my only phone , please help me resolve this


  • The same thing happened to me a few days ago. phone submitted to the service center. No update yet. And you know what, I bought a Narzo 30 for my temporary use due to this unexpected issue. I use the phone as my work station. Few months ago, they changed the motherboard to resolve wifi/hotspot issue and now this happen. You may please reach to the nearest service center and it is the only solution for now.

  • All of a sudden doesnt sound right, from what you describe it was an agonizingly slow death.

    Service center, sell it or throw it in a bin.

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