Messenger light app not receiving voice call or video call or notifications until i open it

Mazen JunaidiMazen Junaidi Level 1
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  1. Model Name: rog phone 6
  2. Firmware Version: Android 12 ww_32.2810.2208.160
  3. Rooted or not: not rooted
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: everyday
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): messenger light

i noticed that meesenger light app not receiving any kind of notifications until i open the app, ofcaurse i did format the device after the last update i mentioned, and i tried to open the app and keep it in background and that doesn't work, ofcaurse i didnt activate super clean feature, all sounds is on to the maximum, adaptive battery is on, customize battery is on, don't dusturb is off.

i noticed also that while using video call, if i try to do something else like opening other app (video calling still on) the other side person cant hear my voice but i still hear him and the not back untill i shutdown the app and recall again.

and this sometimes happen in whatsapp while watching videos inside whatsapp and trying to do something else like cheking email (whatsapp still in background) when i back to continue watch the same video in whatsapp the sound for rhis video stopped despite video still running!!! and the sound will not back untill i delete the whatsapp app from background and relaunch it again !!

and the same happen on YouTube app(rarely)

wish i explained it very welldoes anyone experience something like this

(dont forget that i already did factory rest the device more than 2 times.



  • Hey @Mazen Junaidi

    We recently released a new FW update, have you installed it? Is the issue still present?

  • hi @Mansi_ASUS,

    Actually i updated my device to the last software update ww_32.2810.2208.165 actully i received two updates but the issue not solved!! i just tested calling my self from my father and mother devices but my device didn't recieve both (voice call + video call + missed call notification) so i did the test again after opening the app and keeping it in background and it works fine and recieving all kind of calls and notifications....i wish this help...keep in mind that am not using any kind of saving battery modes or any super clean mode (mobile manager)


  • Mazen JunaidiMazen Junaidi Level 1
    edited September 20


    i noticed also a new bugg after the last update show up in whatsapp...when my hand come over the light sensor which located at the top of the device beside the camera and the top speaker while lestning to voice messege the voice go down and throttled and the only way to bring the voice back is to close the whatsapp completly and relaunch it again!!!

  • Alright.

    Thanks for the information, I'll forward it to the R&D team.

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