I have returned my Asus ROG phone 6, here's why I would not recommend you buy it (from Asus)

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I think I was the most excited person for this phone this year, it was supposed to be perfect for me. Because it has an insane battery, no hole punch, flat screen, notification light, 512gb, 3,5mm jack, actual USB3, so many things I want in a phone! This must be perfect for me is what I thought.

I ordered it from Asus's estore site. I also ordered the official €20 screen protector, guess what, I didn't get the screen protector.

If this was the only problem, I would just let it go, buy a screen protector on amazon and be done with it. But it's not.

In my order confirmation was an email address. I sent them a mail on day 1, asking about the screen protector. After a week of hearing nothing, I called them. They told me the email address in the order confirmation is wrong, I need to email a different address (couldn't help me over the phone directly). So I mailed the second address. They replied they're looking into it, then didn't contact me again. I mailed, chatted and called them multiple times in between, every time they said they're still looking into it and I have to wait some more. 1 day before my 2 weeks (return period) was up, I started the return because I don't believe I would ever have gotten the screen protector. When discussing the return, the guy said they don't believe me about the screen protector, and they will not refund me the screen protector (which they never sent me). I stayed calm and planned on waiting until I get the phone refunded before I contact my credit card company for a chargeback, and then share my experience on multiple locations online (which will probably cost them sales). Also while talking the dude on the phone told me he and 1 other guy run the whole estore. For a 18 million people country, they have 2 guys running the estore. Ok! Update: I have gotten my refund, without the money for the screen protector. I'm not done with this yet. This is not acceptable Asus.

Some other annoyances which reinforced me returning it:

-Scheduled battery charging doesn't work, it's suppose to start charging later in the night, it doesn't, it charges right away and keeps it full.

-No perfect alternative to Samsung secure folder, work profile with the app Shelter is not quite the same. I need this daily.

-Fingerprint is slow and bad, doesn't work 50% of the time, combined with:

-Face recognition doesn't work in the dark (previous phone had iris scanner, worked perfectly in the dark).

-Audio bug, when adjusting volume by holding the button, media crashes/freezes regularly.

-Camera can only take jpg pictures, not png. (also no raw)

-Double tap back of the phone gesture works like 20% of the time.

-I liked the idea of the back leds, but some options are missing. I cannot for instance change the incoming call color of the lights, it has to be light green. I can also not change the patters of the lights of notifications, I can only do that on fulltime screen-on/screen off options, makes no sense. As the leds are such a big noticeable feature of this phone, this should have been fully functioning.

-This decided it for me in the end: hitting the shutter button on the 12mp camera takes about half a second, hitting the shutter on the 50mp camera takes about a full second. As a person that likes to take a lot of quick shots, this is awful, I can't deal with this. This is the major decider for me. I'm going back to my old Note9, which has a much faster camera shutter.

-The Asus after sales service is really quite bad, unfriendly, and not acceptable.

-Now don't think there's only negatives, for instance the battery life and the USB transfer speeds are great, but, this is simple not enough for me.

I thought this was gonna be the perfect phone for me, guess I was wrong.

Also Asus if you're reading this (probably not). I hope you realize because you refused to send me a €20 screen protector, you got a €1150 return which was not necessary. Also I'm a person that does a lot of mouth to mouth advertising if I like something, I was already actively posting on 2 subreddits, on the Asus forum, and was close to recommending this phone to family members and friends. In the end, the service and bad camera were the nails in the coffin, which could have cost you multiple phone sales. Maybe it's something to note?



  • its an unreliable device anyways and the Rog6D seems much better. It also seems better for your usecase as the camer is notabily better due to much better ISP.

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    I'm not buying anything from Asus for a while since they basically stole €20 from me.

  • Where are you from? Funny they think you would return the phone and keep the €20 screen protector 😆

  • Welcome to the official stores of brands that have no relationship with the brand outside of a centralized financial transaction contract, no stock, no after-sales service, no hardware guarantee and if it's "digital river ireland" as in France for Asus, motorola, lenovo and many others, an extremely feature-poor shopping website, such as opting for same-day delivery.

    In short, you pay, he orders the supplier after collection, delivers you or more certainly gives the order to a storer/depot to deliver to you.

    In short, all good for the brand, zero for the consumer

    So if you order another smartphone be careful if there is not an indication like the one below otherwise it will be exactly the same problem

    "Digital River Ireland Ltd. is the authorized reseller and merchant for the products and services offered within this store."

    The easiest way is to consult authorized resellers, example Asus or you can choose trusted ones.

    Otherwise for the ROG6, some bugs you cite are fixed but there are still quite a few, hardware limitations such as fingerprint cannot be fixed

    On the other hand, I don't see the point of the Shelter application, the twinapp is the professional profile and the current samsung equivalent, the additional protection is provided by Knox, which would be the worst thing on a gaming smartphone

  • I ordered from estore.asus.com. It did say it was all done by Digital River.

    I still contacted Asus, because they won't give me a number for Digital River. At first Asus said we'll check the package weight and get back to you. A few calls later they said we can't check the package weight, we don't believe you, get F***ed (not in those words).

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    I told him exactly that, why would I do this? He didn't care, he said well we don't believe you, you're not getting the €30 back. And I didn't. I'm contacting my bank tomorrow.

  • Started the procedure at my bank for the €30 chargeback (it was 30 not 20 sorry). Might take a while.

    Tried to call Asus again to make it easier (for them).

    They said again, they will not refund me the missing €30 because they don't believe me. I'm so dissapointed with this company, will never buy anything again from them.

    This falls under theft right?

  • Hello @SupposablyAtTheZoo !

    We are definitely looking into this and I do appreciate you presenting the issue and I personally deeply apologize for the inconveniences caused, I will be looking into this today.

    You mentioned first some issues with the device which I can shed some light into.

    For example, Scheduled charging does not mean that the device will charge in between a certain period of time and start later, but it will instead do a dynamic charge within those hours to avoid it being at 100% all night, which is not very good for batteries.

    The audio issue is something that is been looked into in this very moment.

    The camera do indeed take pictures in RAW format, it's exclusive to the PRO mode and can be found on Camera Resolution, it gives the alternative to take RAW + JPG.

    As for the after sales? I truly apologize for the mess and as mentioned before, I will have a personal look into the matter.

  • Hey there Mattias, thanks for looking into it.

    The scheduled charging for me, charged at a fast rate to 80% (limit set) then kept it there all night.

    I hope to hear from you about the after sales. The person I spoke to was not very friendly at all, I can expend on that outside the public forum if you wish.

  • Is it ok if I send you a PM?

    I need to get some info :)

  • Update: Mattias has indeed solved the refund that the estore employee would not give me because he didn't believe me. This is good, but it doesn't change the fact that this process should never have been necessary. I hope it doesn't happen again for other costumers.

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