Rog 6D Ultimate, new chip, possible solution?

Well this is an interesting turn of events.

This makes me wonder if ASUS actually realized that it would be another Rog5 fiasco and is now going mediatek and redesign the phone for mediatek.

@FunBike31 I think this might interest you as well, as this would mean different power delivery and chips.

@Mattias_ASUS Why you kept this a secret 😯

I seriously hope that this mediatek version will eliminate all the broken power IC issues and make the phone much more resilient. Strenghtening the frame, make sure it doesnt bend the board or shred the cables while making sure power IC won't short and we got a serviceble phone, due to no quallcom premium on top, this phone might as well be cheaper. Also due to lack of Audio from qualcomm they might be using better quality dacs and chips to improve speaker quality as well.

At this point I know I'm super optimistic but I hope this phone will actually be more of a redesign and use proper components this time around.



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