Back worn out after not even 2 weeks

The back of my Zenfone 9 (Midnight black) is already worn after 12 days. I do not mean the texture, but the lettering. Only "ASUS Zenfone" can still be recognized to some extent. The text under the camera is completely gone.

Of course, this does not change the functionality. However, you can definitely expect something better for a smartphone in this price range. Is Asus planning to do something about that? E.g. a (free!) replacement for a more resistant back?


  • Already posted by potential customers in countries where it is physically in stores and handled by customers.

    By the way, I liked the following comment posted by a user

    It's the onl

    y way to feel beautiful from behind, naked.😊

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    I guess I'll have to see it as a feature to have a naked device then 😂

    But seriously, Asus has to accommodate somehow.

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    Hey @clavo, thanks for sharing this.

    You can contact your local Asus representative or customer service center to resolve the issue.

    This can be caused due to the use of some cleaning agent.

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    Hey @Mansi_ASUS, thanks for your reply.

    This definitely has nothing to do with cleaning agents, at least in my case, because I didn't use any. And as shown by FunBike31, I'm not the only one. And you can already find more cases if you search for it.

    The problem is not solved by simply replacing it with a new back as long its production quality is the same. It will occur again after a few days. Asus first has to recognize the problem and produce the back more resistant.

  • Hey @clavo, thanks for the quick reply. We've forwarded your feedback to the respective team.

  • The first thing I did when I received the Z9 was put a hydrogel protector to protect the screen and a carbon fiber adhesive vinyl on the back. Very nice and protected 😃

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    I dunno why but I'm getting "it's not a bug, it's a feature" vibe with those letterings. Mine also worn out after 7 days and without those phone starts to look even more elegant xD

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