ASUS don't care about Rog series

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As mentioned in my video on release the Rog5 was some rushed garbage they put out with tons of flaws. People still bought it like bread and now all are wondering about how the phones are dying left and right, not only that but has tons of software issues as well which are probably never going to be adressed.

Last update was on the 16.6.2022, which is 2.5 months ago.

Looking at how awful the Rog6 turned out to be, it's safe to say, that ASUS is probably phasing out their rog series in favor of their zenfone.


  • Mine hasn't died ever yet but the software instability is getting a little ridiculous. Battery life feels like it's just like any other phone, there's a ton of random bugs, and uh security update? No?

    I'm starting to hope my phone dies soon so I have to buy something else LOL

  • I won't buy ROG phones again

    Trash services from ASUS

  • Mine is fine too, still alive but I am not a heavy phone gamer. Overall 4 month no security patches, agreed with battery, 6000 mah and its still a joke. With current firmware this phone downgraded massively from the day I bought it. Worse sound from speakers, worse gaming performance (have to tune heavy games in order to bring back performance), current aerocooler is scum product, literally, kunai 3 for 200$+shipping? Insane price. No Volte support. First and last Asus phone. Funny thing I cant sell it cause everyone already knows that this phone "melting" with heat and have tons of mobo problems etc, all asking the same questions. Great job Asus.

  • I barely even use the phone for its supposed intended purpose (gaming) because the battery drains SO FAST and it gets SO HOT. I've had it go up to 49ºC in some instances. I get that it's Summer and the 888 chip is a powerful thing but jesus.

    SOT when not gaming is like 5 hours with 14 hour standby. Sometimes I can get 1 day standby if my SOT is only 2 or 3 hours. Idk man, maybe I have too many things on (GPS, bluetooth, data + WiFi, 120hz) and it sucks the power right out but I kinda expected more from it.

    At least mine hasn't just randomly died because the motherboard is crap though. 😂

  • Meanwhile rog 3

  • Yep I saw this post a while back. Made me wanna cry LOL it's so strange, it's almost like it's not the same company working on these devices. How do you go from that to whatever the hell happened with Rog 5.

  • From what I heard ASUS reported a downturn in 2020 and fired some people, I wouldn't be surprised if some of these people were the designers of the Rog3. It feels so awkward seeing the rog nowadays, it seriously feels like a weird copy paste of the lenovo Duel 2 just without the fan that cools the internals down. Rog series had some cool accessories such as the twinview dock, which with 3ds/nds emulation is just absolutely a joy to play with. The Rog3 also had this amazing design where you could still tell it's a gaming phone but wouldn't be ashamed of using it as a daily driver, the cooling system also worked quite well as it isolated the SOC from the rest of the components somewhat and the list goes on. Rog 5 is a buggy unreliable mess that breaks like a kitkat, sadly the Rog6 is the same just with downgrades and a better chipset as its only upside, it should be clear that the passion is gone.

  • I wish i had come across the forum and your take on rog5 before i purchased it last year. Terrible experience so far and I've already shifted to iPad. I'm quite happy so far with the change and will probably stay away from Asus products (even computer accessories too) after the trauma.

  • generally speaking I wouldnt go by brand. Sure ASUS has some really bad products but they also have amazing products, for instance their 280hz screens are without a shadow of a doubt one of the best you can buy, I got the 24" version and it easily beats my BenQ (2546k) in motion clearity and image quality. Also there is honestly no other 13" producity notebook like the X13 flow, and I really mean nothing even compares to it. Their ROG Hero motherboards are also absolute top tier.

    While ASUS also has some real crap out there, usually watered down strix mobos, graphicscards are usually a mess and so on you shouldnt deny yourself some of the good stuff they make.

    Don't go by brand, but go by the products instead. ASUS can do really good stuff, it's just about finding it.

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    Today, new update is here

    And updated some apps from Rog 6 as well such as armory create.

    In CN model also mentioned about added cooler 6 support for Rog 5.

    Now I can understand why it took so long for update this time around.

  • 【Release Note】

    Updated Android security patch to 2022-07

    You waited 2.5months for THIS?!

  • Lmfao I was just thinking that. There better be bug fixes that they're just not talking about in the patch notes.

  • I also hardly think that it's justified to wait 2.5 months for an update because of compatibility with the new cooler, and updating apps for Rog6 which isn't even the device we're talking about? :thinking:

  • Just downloaded it. It truly did nothing for any bugs and really only updated the Android security patch.

    Absolutely incredible /s

    At least we get a security patch at some point lol

  • Feels like abandoned, near EOL device. Time to look at custom roms/kernels.

  • At this point I'm looking at other brands + devices, and my ROG 5 just turned 1 yr old lol. If anyone knows of a device with great battery life + cameras, hit me up LOL

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