Play in volume rocker, condensation in phone

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Zenfone 9
  2. Firmware Version: WW_32.2004.2004.84
  3. Rooted or not: Nog rooted
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Always


Is it normal for the volume rocker to have some play? It sits loose inside the frame. It sometimes ratles with the frequency of the speakers.

Ik noticed some condensation inside the rear camera glass when running a benchmark app. See picture

It is 2 days old and has not seen any water.

Is my device defective?


  • The volume rocker is a little loose on all devices, not sure about rattling tho, that sounds maybe a little much.

    As for condensation, well that happens with many phones dependinds greatly on enviroment

  • @julienvd93

    If the sound from the speakers is enough to make the button vibrate, it still seems really loose to me.

    It is IP65/68, it takes fairly harsh conditions for condensation to appear, especially if it is not at startup, in use this CPU should avoid having condensation except in extreme cases.

    I don't know your environment but I think you can compare with other phones, do you have a Rog 2?, it has no protection, it should be easy.

    It's 2 days old?, loose volume button and fog on the lens, in theory no problem sending it back, I think that in your place I wouldn't even ask myself the question

  • Could be an explanation for the fogging, was it like that when unpacking or after putting the SIM(s) on?

    If it is after inserting the SIMs, it may be normal, temperature / humidity / drawer opening time

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    A phone with an IP rating should not have condensation in the camera. It probably it not properly sealed.

  • In a normal environment no, that's why I'm thinking of the open Sim drawer

    Otherwise, sorry, but a picking session in a cold room whatever the device and IPxx if it is not used will have condensation if it is not designed for, for example a Zebra MC9300 usable -20° will have codensation, the same model in the Fridge version (usable -30°) is equipped with an internal screen and battery heater, other manufacturers provide them with a heated case.

    On a consumer device IP65-68 no need to go to these extremes, a rapid change in temperature is enough

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    I also have some play in the volume rocker (I would say I can move it half a millimeter vertically with a clicking sound). Not the rattling when playing music though. I sent an email to Asus support about this asking if this is normal. The answer I got was this (translated from Swedish to English):

    "The volume buttons can be moved a few millimeters and I would say this is normal. Behind the buttons there's a rubber sealing that protects the unit from leakage. If you want to be absolutely sure and it feels like the buttons move more than what's normal, you can send the unit to us and we'll have a look."

    I'm not really concerned about the play in the volume rocker, but I'm thinking of going to a retailer to see if I can compare my device to another. Will update here if I do that.

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    Read some posts on the XDA Zenfone 9 forum in which a couple of users also stated that they had observed some play in the volume rocker, while another user claimed he didn't have this problem. So I have become a little suspicious, thinking maybe that the play in the rocker isn't normal whatever the answer Asus gave me in the previously quoted correspondence. To settle things, I have now sent my Zenfone 9 to Asus to let them have a look at it. Will post an update here when I here back from them.

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    Hey @Hasse, can you please send your phone's serial number or the RMA number? That way we can look into the issue a bit closer.

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    Hey @Mansi_ASUS

    The phone is currently at the Czech service center for examination/repair. Don't know why you would need my phone's serial number or the RMA number or how it would be helpful. At least it seems to me that that kind of information shouldn't be posted on an open forum. You're an Asus employee, right? If so, send me an email (if it's available for you to see) if you want further information on the issue.

    Edit: Or DM me, if it's possible.

  • He forgot to specify DM, click on his name, then on message to send him a private message

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    Can't find a DM option. Have you checked if you can send private messages to other users?

  • Yes, I do from time to time, if you click on the name, you arrive on message, you click on it and you arrive here

    Maybe you don't have the right yet, it would be silly not to be able to communicate with a moderator



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    Yeah, if I follow the link in your message a page shows "permission problem". Problem solved since Mansi_ASUS sent me a message. But if a moderator reads this, maybe enable DM:s to moderators for all users?

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    Got my phone back today from the Czech repair centre with the following repair report:

    "Zenfone was accepted for repair with the problem that the volume button is not seated correctly. The problem did not appear. The phone was compared with the same model, and the buttons are seated properly."

    So according to this it seems that the volume rocker is a little loose by design. Not a big issue, but in my opinion it is an irritating flaw that a premium phone shouldn't have. The volume rockers on both my old Galaxy S10 and Iphone 13 mini are, as an example, rock steady.

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