And the power IC Saga continues on the Rog5!

For the Rog2 people this is going to be a dejavu.


  • You can see on the image there is an arrow i drew pointing at the power IC, there you can see it literally burned a hole into the chip.

  • FunBike31FunBike31 Level 4

    It's not normal, there really is a wolf on the power supply circuit, the PM8150b and SMB1396 pair for QC5 supports up to 100w and 300°, I haven't seen this chipset burned out on the different brands that use the same circuit.and ( RT1715 for USB-PD)

    At the same time, it is true that for 30 years I have never had such strange behavior of the charging system, I had swollen batteries but knowing the cause, vehicle charge + GPS + full sun or replaceable battery low cost.

    Like some other manufacturers for 60w and + charges, there is a remote part on the charger, the dialogue must be perfect and on the ROG 5 this is far from the case, between the bottom port, the side, on , off, standby and the type of charger is the lottery, it is better to be equipped with a good usb-controller between the phone and the charger, but the bugs are rather under request to the charger, never seen one overload request.

    At the same time, the sources of the charging circuit puzzles me, there are several sections added specifically to diagnose and log the status of Wifi and Hotspot, being analyzed to stop charging if Wifi is out of order

    //ASUS_BSP --- LiJen add to print the WIFI hotspot & QXDM UTS event

    */ //porting-

    In short, why it burns remains such a mystery on the presence of the Wifi / Hotspot sections.

    Note that the chipsets are identical on ROG6, I have not yet finalized a comparison of sources but it is very similar

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