Speakers will always suck, sorry guys

I wanted to find out why the speakers are so ass on the Rog6. I basicially wanted to find out if there is any hope that it will be fixed. Sadly I have to report you're screwed.

Remember the good old days where the Rog3 had 3 amps? 1 for each speaker and 1 for headphone output?

Those days are over, downgrade Phone 6 has only 1 amp for everything like all poopoo consumer phones:

Gone are the days where you get 1 amp per speaker.

@FunBike31 I thought I'd tag you here

I know some people are coping hard, but this is the reality, the Rog6 is nothing but a shadow of what the Rog phones were. All ressoruces have went to the ZF9, it's very clear.


  • When a presentation (audio rog 6) almost ignores a feature, especially compared to the highlighting of the previous model (audio rog 5) there is a wolf somewhere, I expected it. Marketing services are very good at hiding what's wrong :), and it works, there are less users complaining about audio (when there is no bug lol*) than users who require more customization of the RGB and even disappointed with the small non-modifiable fixed lcd. it seems more important to have an RGB on the back to do the keke than to listen to music, here, when people are walking or doing sports, 90% listen to music, maybe when in other countries , they walk around with the RGB activated, holding the phone at arm's length!!!!!

    The bugs are starting to appear

    Recall Version WW-32.2810.2206.95

    2. Sound Optimization Experience

    3. Solve the occasional problem of abnormal charging

    4. Adjust aero fan cooling mode

    .95 users are complaining about what was supposed to be fixed!!!!

    Audio crash every 12h (reboot required) no more bass and audio app crash, charger, fan charge and others.

    A new firmware was released today, and this Firmware .97 available this morning is no longer available this afternoon

    Anyway, it didn't fix the above bugs. according to the CN admins :)

    It was noted, optimizes system performance, so the worst is to be feared :)

  • Makes sense to degrade the passive performance after reviewers have tested the device. Much like they did on the Rog5.

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