Heating problem

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  1. Model Name: Rog phone 3
  2. Firmware Version: WW 31.0210.0210.230
  3. Rooted or not: Not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Most of the time

So my phone had some heating problems i think. It isn't even 2 years old but with 25 degrees in the room constant the phone was around 50 degrees in idle and during gaming the cpu went to 75 degrees if the armory crate is right.

Happily i am a phone technician, so i toke the phone apart. What i noticed is that the cheap white thermal paste used by asus wasn't even covering the whole chip, the copper from the cooling was discoloured where the paste was lacking. Besides this there is a lot of space between the chip and the cooler. funny thing is that the cheap white paste wasn't even dried out yet.

So i used the best paste there is and after testing the phone idle was 42 degrees and topped at 72.

Then i toke a rog phone 2 frame, toke off the copper contact plate between the chip and cooler and placed it in my rog phone 3. Now idle is at 38 degrees and toppes at around 70.

Next to this, using geekbench 5 before and after the phone now gives 5.11% higher multi core scores, so the interface between chip and cooler was not good at all...

Why asus did you guys not make this right? Is it too much to ask for when paying over €1200 for a phone?


  • I smell tencent version in terms of space between chip and heatsink.

    Also the thermal paste doesnt need to cover the entire chip as most heat is in the middleish anyways.

    Your thermals are still rather high tho. My rog is sitting in a wallet case, room temp is 28c and phone is at 33c.

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    I dont have tencent version. It clearly is better to cover the whole chip looking at the difference, even a small child will understand that part. Yeah system temp is 29, but cpu idles between 36/38, but that also depends on the amount of services running in the background as idle is never really actually idle.

  • Guess the reason why artic freezer coolers work so well on AMD CPU's with offset mount is black magic eh?

    You clearly don't have a clue so let me spell it out for you. The only part that needs cooling on the SoC is the middle part, since there the CPU and GPU resides in. The chip itself has nothing that would even closely resemble any kind of heat spreader for the package itself. Wheter you cover only the middle part or the entire chip makes no difference as far as the GPU and CPU thermals are concerned.

    Difference is due to fresh + possibly better thermal paste vs old thermal paste, not the actual amount.

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    "You clearly don't have a clue" funny, there clearly is a difference but it doesn't matter? Dont we love these fanboys lol

    You clown can atleast show some respect, keyboard hero.

    I take it even you will understand there is thermal trottle if benchmarks turn out higher after done something to it, so you can keep your comments to yourself.

  • Can you please tell us where you work so we can avoid your services at all cost. A self proclaimed phone technician who cant read is scary as hell.

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