Zenfone 9 flip

Ok the zenfone 9 Mini is almost out now what about the 9 flip?????

Come on Asus put us out of our misery, just a nod either way will there be a zenfone 9 flip or not please?????????????????????????????????????????????????????



  • slimghostslimghost Level 2

    They will not respond to you (or to anybody, generally speaking) and there will be not a 9 Flip. Try in the Chinese forum to get any answer , in the international one (here) a mod or an admin didn't responded for months . Asus_bot it is the most active... by closing posts (due to inactivity :)) )

  • RoystoysRoystoys Level 4

    Well if that's the case they have lost me I think I'll try a red magic 7 or something like that

  • eddddedddd Level 2

    The initial impression was great, but then they released like 10 new phones immediately while barely being able to support the existing ones. That was the point where you could see through their poker face. I will keep my phone for as long as I can, lets say 10 years, and will keep posting bug reports just out of spite.

  • The reason why ASUS abolished the FLIP Camera design from their Smartphone series is 👇

    You can visit the website by scanning the QR code

    (Translate the page if require)


  • RoystoysRoystoys Level 4

    Thanks man what a pity. I have just started a new job where a bigger screen is desirable like even a bit ( tiny bit) bigger than the Z 7 but smaller no way,, again pity I have enjoyed my zenfones

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