Second hand Zenfone 8 has unlocked bootloader

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Hope someone can help, I have just bought a second hand Zenfone 8 and on bootup I noticed that the bootloader has been unlocked, as I have no intention to root my phone I wanted to know if anyone knows of an easy(ish) way to re lock the bootloader?, any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    I would rather try to install custom rom, maybe You will make this phone work at least almost correctly xD

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    The bootloader can be relocked, you will gain most of the features back (except the automatic updates, you will need to download the file manually from the zenfone 8 support page, Bios and firmware tab) then move that file to the phone's "internal storage". Reboot, then wait a few minutes, it should prompt you to update to a newer firmware.

    To relock the bootloader, here is what you need to do:


    Plug in your phone to a computer

    Open a command prompt/Terminal


    adb reboot bootloader

    Then do this, if you use Windows 10-11 you might need to install the Asus USB Drivers (if you get a waiting for fastboot devices prompt) If you are on Linux or MacOS, it should be easier, simply exectute the fastboot command as root (sudo fastboot...)

    fastboot oem asus-csc_lk
  • @PhaGWiZ , many thanks, this worked like a charm once I'd downloaded the ASUS USB drivers

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