How to downgrade from a version to another?

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Zenfone 7 Pro
  2. Firmware Version: WW-
  3. Rooted or not: Not.
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

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Hi, I have version WW- (latest Android 11) now and I would like to downgrade to WW- or WW- because these were the best versions for performance, it didn't underclock the cpu at all, it stayed at 3.1Ghz even after 1 hour of playing, it was in maximum performance all the time. In the latest versions (from WW- and above) in absolutely any game, the processor does not exceed 1Ghz (what's the point to have sd 865+ and have worse performance in games than a sd 845?), so I want to put the older software and keep it until I change the phone in a few years. I don't want to update to Android 12 because it doesn't bring anything new and the interface seems very ugly to me (Quick Settings panel especially).

So how do I downgrade? Do I download that version from, put it in the internal storage and it downgrade itself, that's all? I know how to downgrade from android 11 to 10, but from android 11 newer version to android 11 older version how to proceed? Will I lose my data?

Screenshot with the cpu frequency in games in all verions from WW- to WW-

 Thank you in advance!😄


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    I think there's a tool called ASUS Flash Tool, which is like an older tool for flashing Zenfones. Maybe try that?

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    See the instructions in the 1st screenshot. Actually in the official support page you will see a downgrade file from 12 to 11 also. I will recommend you strongly to use the file from the official suport page, not from the link in the bellow screenshot, the link it is mostly to make you understand what you will have to do. Cheers!

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    as a note, because I forgot to write this in the above reply, once you've downgraded to 10, easily you can download the desired update version for the Android 10 from the official support page. As an advice (not mandatory :)) ) , once the downgrade it is installed, go to the Settings and uncheck the automatic system updates (it will be annoying later :)) ) , but no worries, even after and when the upgrade this time to the desired update version of Android 10 being installed and the automatic updates unchecked if may see occuring another update notification, it can be easily manually removed . Cheers!

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    So to downgrade to an older version of android 11, do i have to install android 10 first and then put the file with the android 11 version i want? Or do I directly put the file with the version of android 11 I want?

    P.S. Are you Romanian?

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    Salut. Yes, I am a Romanian :) And now, answering:

    if what you want is to have a certain previous version of Android 11 (and not the current one ) further more of what was described in my above comments you should straight download the upgrade to 11 after the downgrade to 10 is completed (there it is a file for that). After this (re-upgrade to 11) you can download the file for the A11 desired update version. Sure, backup everything before to start any downgrade/ upgrade process :) Anyways, first time in my understanding I thought that you only want to downgrade to 10. I hope that the info was useful to you! Cheers! :)

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    P.S.: I may be wrong in my following advice, but make sure that after the downgrade you will NOT log in into Google account. You have to preserve tour first initial backup if you did this online (or not only online). I simply didn't tried this but after the downgrade, if it is possible, upgrade again to 11 (you can find the download file in the Asus support page) , and again do not be logged, download and upgrade to the desired .*** version of Android 11 and then after restore the backups. Some apps may not work properly, bit this is the last problem youay have. Preserve the initial condition of your first backup. Cheers

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    Don't you simply download the version you want from the Asus download site and simply flash/ update your phone ? Even if your going backwards it's all Asus OS . It's not like your trying to flash a third party OS. I've never had a problem updating and downgrading I don't understand your concern

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    You simply flash the version you want done deal

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    Well, some may be not so familiar with ADB or how to flash a device (not to mention the bootloader and so on) Asus provides downgrade files and also each every incremental upgrade (update) file. And probably this is the most secured way to do so. Cheers

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