Finger print sensor doesn't work after display replacement

ChafreChafre Level 1

My Zenfone 8 suffered a broken display. I ordered an original Asus display and changed the display myself. Now the fingerprint sensor doesn't work anymore. When registering a finger, it only reacts when the tip of the finger touches the display surface. But it is not enough that he registers an imprint. According to the Smmi test (,12345+= in the calculator) the fingerprint sensor is OK.

A complete factory reset brought no improvement. Has anyone experienced something similar and a solution?



  • Dear Chafre,

    According to the situation you describe, we will suggest you to visit the nearest ASUS Service Center at your earliest convenience to get your device check.

    Thank you.

  • ChafreChafre Level 1

    Hello Karen,

    thanks for your repley. But this is not an option for me, because in Germany you can only send it in to fix it. The average duration of it will be up to two weeks. And i've got no mobile phone through this time and this type service of Asus is not acceptable for me.

    So i hope to find a solution here.

    Best regards.

  • ChafreChafre Level 1

    Dear Karen,

    what can i do, there ist no Asus Service Center in Berlin, the Capital of Germany or anythere else in Germany?

    Best regards

  • Dear Chafre,

    For what you are describing, it needs to send the unit to the repair center for further inspection. Since you have disassembled the phone when you replaced the screen yourself, the repair center needs to confirm the issue by conducting further inspection.

    Sorry for the late reply.

  • ChafreChafre Level 1
    edited June 1

    Hi Karen,

    i started an repair rma request on the German Asus homepage several days ago. No response from Asus .

    Now i start a new rma request.

    unsatisfactory their service.

  • Hi Chafre

    Could you provide us with the RMA number?

    Thank you.

  • ChafreChafre Level 1

    No because i get no one. I filled Up the Asus rma request and then i get no rma and No Mail

  • ChafreChafre Level 1

    OK now over night, i get a rma. But i m not sure, If i send it in an wait 4 weeks for a repair in poland.

  • TomasZen8TomasZen8 Level 1

    I have exactly the same issue with my Zenfone8, and a very similar experience with solving the problem with the non working fingerprint sensor. At first, after I broke my display, I called the official Asus service for Slovakia, which is located in Czech Republic - in a different country!!! I had to send the device and wait for 2-4 weeks until they repair it, and send it back!!! This was no option to me, so I searched for a quicker solution near the place I live. That's why I decided to purchase an original replacement display, and asked a local servis company to replace the broken display. Everything went OK, except that the fingerprint sensor was not scanning fingerprints!!! So I called the Asus service for help/assistance, but they refused to help!!! As far as I know, the fingerprint sensor needs to be calibrated!?!?!?! after replacement, which can be done only by them!!! I bought an original Asus spare part for 250 EUR, payed for the replacement, and the official service tells me, that they can solve the issue for another 290EUR including another display ?!?!?! That is nonsense to me. Why is Asus selling spare parts, when they know that they can be replaced only at an original service center, but only if you buy the spare parts there? I am very upset, because of this situation! I really loved my ZenFone 8 (performance, design, size etc.)! I don't know what will be my next mobile phone, but I know for sure, that it won't be an ASUS!!!

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