Update failed

No update Android 12

Asus ROG phone 5s



  • Plus Help me no update

  • Dont worry bro you can try to make factory reset or update it manually but the newest version android for this phone i mess have some bugs and bad gaming performance i downgrade from android 12 to 11 or if you update just update to the first version of android 12

  • factory reset or update try update is feild bro

  • FunBike31FunBike31 Level 4

    Thank you, tomorrow I find a Rog5s fallen from the truck and I can change Imei.

    If you haven't understood, it doesn't matter, deleting your photo showing your Imei is dangerous for you and absolutely useless for your A12 update problem. A simple indication Rog5s Tencent (CN) and the full version of your firmware is more useful.

  • FunBike31FunBike31 Level 4

    I just read your second post for the same problem, are you sure you don't want to make a 3rd?

    Otherwise you can read this one which deals with the same subject, but for the rog5s the firmware you need to update are ww.164, 175, and 192

    from the latter (.192) you can either stabilize by staying in A11 with .206 or switch to Android 12 with .77 and complain about performance and other various bugs


  • DormanDorman Level 1

    Can you please tell me how did you back up your stuff before downgrading? I want to downgrade too but I'm stuck on the backup.

  • excavation5excavation5 Level 2
    edited May 22

    Do you have another phone to back up your data on it

    Or you can try to backup your phone whit google account and download your photos to your computer

    For easy backup use Asus data transfer app

    A few times i use a google back up for contacts and call history or the best back up is if you have other phone to backup everything on it make the downgrade and after this transfer the data again

  • DormanDorman Level 1

    Google backup doesn't work for downgrading.

    So I guess what I'm hearing from you is transfer data (apks) to another phone

    Backup photos to computer

    Any other tips?

  • DormanDorman Level 1

    Also, my second phone isn't Asus's and i can't seem to choose on it "New phone" only old phone so i can't backup to him.

  • Also do you know

    Copy paste internal storage to computer make a backup to google account for your settings phone calls and other things and you are ready

  • DormanDorman Level 1
    edited May 23

    did you manage to download the backup from google after downgrading? they say it should be possible.

    did you backup everything from internal storage to PC?

    THANKS for all you help BTW!

  • Yes bro there is no problem

    Here you make the backup file after this you can copy for more sure your data from internal storage to computer but whitout folder "Android" becouse you dont need it

    Wast week i have a problem whit android and i make 4 upgrades to androi 12 and after this 4 downgrade to android 11 to try fix the problem but the problem maybe is from hardware so i can repair it whit the original software

    My opinion is that the best version for gaming whit stable fps is this

    And i will not upgrade to .77 version becouse have very bad performance i will wait for the next upgrade after .77 and if the next upgrade have problems i will downgrade it again to this .67 version becouse for me this version is very stable for gaming i have very good fps for CODM ,PUBG,Mobile legends, and i play now apex mobile and this games are very stable at this version

    Whit android 11 the gaming also is very good but i dont have so stable fps in CODM i have drop to 80-81 and the temperature is 1-2 degrees less whit first version of android 12 but if you dont like android 12 my best advice is to use the last version of android 11 also is very good if you have other questions ask me no problem

  • DormanDorman Level 1

    WOW ! very informative ! thank you so much!

    my problem isn't performance but my sim card isn't detected since android 12 upgrade (on other phone sim works)

    and my shoulders button doesn't work anymore.

    I must downgrade to android 11 ASAP.

    been stuck over a week because i didn't know how to backup my stuff,

    will follow your instructions later this week and will let you know how it went.

    thanks again for everything!

  • For nothing bro try it and maybe this will help but in first time you can try whit factory reset if this not help you can downgrade after this but if the problem stay you must send your phone for warranty

  • DormanDorman Level 1

    unfortunately, I don't have a warranty as I purchased the phone out of my country.

    I guess I'll try to do what you suggested tomorrow and let you know how it went.

  • DormanDorman Level 1

    If I'll upgrade to the newest version aired today I will be still able to downgrade later?

  • Yes you can downgrade again but my advice is just upgrade to first android 12 version not more the newest versiot is very bad again i am whit the newest version and i have a lot of problems tomorrow i will send my phone to warranty becouse the biggest problem in this .77 and .84 are the bad performance laggy games and fps drop so just update to android 12 and stop there

  • DormanDorman Level 1
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    after downloading the asus firmware the phone doesn't pop-up the propmp message for a new software what am i doing wrong? should i extract the zip files?

    i downloaded the zip to "downloads" folder is that not good?

  • FunBike31FunBike31 Level 4

    yes, that's not the right one, move the zip to the root of the storage, it's just above.

  • DormanDorman Level 1

    OK, i downgraded and pulled back my data.

    still no service even though my sim is detected

    any suggestions,


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