Rog phone 3 android 12 beta e-mail

Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Asus rog phone 3
  2. Firmware Version:WW-18.0410.2203.201
  3. Rooted or not:no
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


Has anyone received this e-mail, what does it say in the content of the e-mail? Is there a download link in the email? will i get the beta update?


  • BPMBPM Level 2

    The beta program started almost 2 weeks ago. I'm not sure if they're still adding more testers or not. If you've been selected, you'd have access to the A12 beta forum and get prompted with the OTA update. The email comes from an address, but the contents of it are confidential.

  • thank you, when will stable android 12 version come out?


    should come out by 1H 2022

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