Rog Phone 5 Android 12 review

I will start straight with my point this update is seriously bad and is very rushed by Asus they could have done a better job releasing this update 2-3 months later when most of the bugs and glitches would be fixed. There are many issues in this update like airtriggers suddenly stop vibrating, many battery issues, performance issues and many countless issues. Asus always rushes every update like that update (i don't remember the correct the number of the update) in which the wifi and hotspot of many devices turned of and weren't working. Did not expect this from you Asus. I trusted Asus and purchased rog phone 5 and invested my money in it.

Pls fix this update take your time but pls fix this update or kindly provide me a refund


  • waxy78611waxy78611 Level 3

    You're one of many who didn't either read the reviews of A12 prior to installing it or you did read the reviews & decide to update anyway for which you're paying the price.

    Yes, the update is a JOKE. Just downgrade back to A11. I'm on the .229 software based on A11 & it's the best there is. Just downgrade, but before you do backup your data

  • Hi KingPegasus5251,

    It would be best to downgrade your firmware.

    Also, lot of issues posted by users are being taken 1 at a time.

    Can you list all the issues you are facing here?

    For battery, provide more details like what is the SOT(Screen on time) you are getting. For performance please elaborate more here.

  • For sot i am getting around 2-3 hours with a single charge and for performance my games are laging a lot i thought this was the issue with the temperature of my phone but i play in a air conditioned room

  • Bro actually i did not cuz i was an iOS user but switched to Android so as i was a iOS user i did not thought about reading reviews because iOS updates were fine and you could blindfold trust it and that doesn't mean i hate Android

    And can you please leave me a link for Android 11 for rog 5 cuz i am not that experienced in getting and installing os

  • Good one to hear that your comment.If Your Updates are full of bug and many Problems means ,Why are you Pushing to all ? .if I Update a mobile means it will increase their performance and Battery life it's good ,But Yours update leads to fps drop,Lag,heat,freeze,signal issues, Battery Drain Issues and more problems in there.First of all if the updates are tested properly by a developer or not?Lot of issues going Now a days in Rog5 Mobile.Waiting for the next Update if Asus never break our hope .

  • What They Should do It put The Phone Back the the Firmware that was present at the time of launch and rework the Updates .... I dont mind having android 11 in 2022.... Just need good performance.... That's it....

  • LaithLaith Level 1

    when you will release the SOFTWARE that start with ww_18.0830 ?

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