[Bug] USB-C doesn't work correctly since Android 12 update

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Hi there.

I have an Asus Zenfone 8 and it recently asked me to do an update which, apparently was Android 12 since the whole UI was revamped. My problem is, exactly since this update i cannot make the USB-C work on a computer.

What do I mean by this? If I try to connect my phone with the USB-C cable and the adapter on a power outlet, it charges up, everything is fine.

But if I try to connect it to my pc with an USB-C cable, something very weird happens. The battery icon starts "flickering" in a way that could remind a bad contact. And so I cannot charge up my phone on PC or transfer files. Problem is : I tried it with different cables and they all failed but work with other phones so they are not the problem, the phone is...

I saw somewhere that this kind of issues could be easily resolved by performing a Wipe Cache Partition in recovery mode. Except that this option is not available in my recovery mode. I only get the Wipe data/factory reset option...

So here I am after nearly two weeks and no update for my phone that could correct my problem. Does anyone have an idea? Is my only option to Wipe data/factory reset?

Thanks for reading me.



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