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Got new zenfone 8z when will it be updated android 12



  • When will it be updated to android 12

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    What is firmware version on the Indian variant (i've ordered mine, will come by Monday).

  • It's

    Android 11

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    It is not available as of now to download from the settings app. The rollout was temporarly disabled because some people were having bugs.

    You can still install it by downloading it from the zenfone 8/8z support page, under Driver and Utility and then the firmware and bios section. Verify that it is something along the lines of version 31.1004.0404.XXX, this is Android 12.

    After, you download this zip file, plug in your phone to a computer, and drag the file to the root directory of the phone. (Same place as all the folders are, like Photos, Downloads, etc.). When the file transfer is done, reboot your phone, wait a few minutes and it will prompt you to update.

    This step could also be done directly from the phone, you would just need to long press the downloaded zip file, select move to, and then choose the option that is something along the lines of root directory. (could be base directory, don't remember)

    Note, this is safe and does not require an open bootloader! Asus also provides a downgrade package that you can use in the same way if you do not like Android 12

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    Does the downgrade package to Android 11 preserve all settings and data in the same way the upgrade does? (I received Android 12 updated OTA.)

  • Hi Ronmaze,

    Android 12 is available, you can check here:


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