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Unclear assistance and unable to update to Android 12 officially

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Good evening
I bought an Asus Zenfone 8 at launch, on the Asus Italia platform. After upgrading from Android 11 122.72 to Android 12, the official update starts to create strange malfunctions on the photo sensor. I send the phone for assistance, without warning they send me back the phone according to them repaired, writing on an A4 sheet that the camera body has been changed. To my surprise I find the phone downgraded to Android 11 112.82, which at present from the official website can not be updated. Also on the myAsus site it still appears that the phone must receive it. Among the various lengthy calls between Asus Italia support and the Italian service center, no one bothers to give me an answer via email, but only verbally. To date, no one has been able to answer me.
1- why can't I have written on my myasus account that the cameras have been changed to RMA
2- why on the site it still appears that it is being received ?
3- because they put me a firmware that does not allow me to update it to Android 12. I suppose it has not been updated on purpose.
4- they even told me that it is a mistake on the site, and that I can do the update manually. Obviously only verbally, but nothing in writing. They promised me to do it
5- I have not received any notice regarding the delivery.
At this point I ask to have the full refund of the phone.
I am afraid that after the warranty I will be treated even more badly, and that my device has not received any assistance, but simply a downgrade of the firmware. Maybe it's a faulty model, but they don't want to admit it. And I add that for all those stopped at A11 112.82 they have the same fear. I do not see it clearly. Asus Italia has 70% of negative comments about trust pilot.
For part I did everything I could to resolve it peacefully, but I was deceived by all the telephone support. I believed in the launch in its compactness, but to this day I regretted it.
Obviously I have all the documentation regarding my problem if needed.


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I'm really curious what's wrong with users that updates manually from WW-

Yesterday 10 March 2022:
Version WW-31.1004.0404.107
2022/03/04 3.04 GBytes
*Special notice: This upgrade patch only allows to upgrade from WW-, WW-, WW-31.1004.0404.73, WW-31.1004.0404.81 & WW-31.1004.0404.92 versions to Android 12. The other firmware version can't use this patch file to upgrade.

Today 11 march 2022
Version WW-31.1004.0404.107
2022/03/04 3.04 GBytes

ZenFone 8 (ZS590KS) Android 12 software Image:WW-31.1004.0404.107 for WW/TW/EU/RU (exclude JP SKUs)

*Special notice: This upgrade patch only allows to upgrade from Android 11 WW-, WW-& versions to Android 12. The other firmware version can't use this patch file to upgrade.

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In the italian support zentalk, they closed the possibility to reply, I'm been moderated.
They suggested to update manually because now is officially that is possible to do it.
Currently the RMA from them not results on myAsus app and i don't know if they changed camera sensors or not.
Nobody reply that i received it fixed. Only phone calls incredible.
My collegue with Samsung S10 recieved FOTA to Android 12 without do it manually.