Accessory firmware update fails

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So i bought twinview dock 3 ytd, and i plug it in with my rogphone 2, but when i plug in it always popsout a Firmware update but when i press update , it loads for long time and fails on the end

Rog Phone 2 -> Twin View Dock 3

( How do I fix this problem that it keeps popsout a firmware update whenever i plug in my phone to the twinview dock3?? )


  • Hi RageMango,

    Could you help provide us with the following information?

    1. video or picture of your condition?
    2. Firmware version of your Rog Phone 2 (update your rog phone2 to the latest firmware version first and plug in twinview dock 3 again.)

    Thank you.

  • Got the same problem before. It's most likely because I plugged the Twinview dock 3 with my Rog 2 phone after the Android 11 update. Btw, I just bought mine about couple days after I update to Android 11. It started to asked for accessory firmware update, which is took more than 5 minutes every times I plugged it in. Just like you, I did try look for solution online but there non. Out of frustrated, today I downgrade from Android 11 back to Android 10 (all data will lose, make sure backup everything), plugged everything (kunai, aerocool, Twinview 3) and everything seems to work perfectly fine! I updated to Android 11 after that via FOTA and it seems the problem has been fixed! I hope this might help you too.

    Before I downgrade from Android 11

    After downgrade and while in Android 10

    ... and back to Android 11.

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