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Is it safe to buy ROG 5s instead of the regular 5 and 5 Pro? I heard there are software and motherboard issues with the 5 and 5 Pro, all suddenly dying and not lasting 3-6 months. Does it also apply to 5s?



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    Bear in mind the forums is mainly used for reporting issues, so naturally it may sound there are alot of issues. However, I recommend a supplier that is trusted and also in it's proper packaging sealed. I would also go to the dealer too rather than ordering over the Internet as it would mitigate the risk alot of being sold a phone which has been tampered with.

  • It's same

    Sold my rog 5 and bought 5s but it has the same issue

  • As ronald1985 said, the majority of users come because they have a problem, so try to browse the discussions of other brands to see if there are as many breakages with the competition, except a Xiaomi with the same Wifi problem (but recalled for exchange or refund) it just doesn't exist anymore, at least since the Samsung Note 7 and those explosive batteries.

    Also go to ROG5S in Chinese language and translate by Google, you shouldn't browse more than 2 pages to get an idea.

    Hear that I only talk about Hardware, software problems affect more or less all manufacturers.

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