Wifi Calling on Mint Mobile (T-Mobile) US


I'm a mintmobile user in the US, this is a MNVO using the T-Mobile network.

I have enabled WiFi calling using the dialer app and entering the code #*#3642623344#*# and enabling the settings and after that I can call and text when I have not good reception at home (it's spotty). But when I reboot the phone, I have to re-enable it for this to work and it's a bit of a pain since I have to re-enter the code and go through this process again.

When can we expect this to work in T-Mobile/Mintmobile? Also, can this setting be persistent across reboots? At least that would make it more handy to re-enable instead of having to search for the code and re-enable.



  • I'm having the same exact issue with mine *I also use mint mobile* It's annoying af. Hopefully they fix this. Coming from the west coast 💪

  • zenfonitozenfonito Level 1

    I'm also in the west coast. Coverage here indoors is pretty bad. Once I enable the hidden option in the settings and re-enable Wi-Fi calling it connects and starts working right away, so not sure why this needs to be done manually.

    At the very least, please let the option be persistent once enabled with the code #*#3642623344#*#

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