Shuttering Game play on 90fps After Motherboard Replacement

ROG 5 12/256 playing BGMI Heavy Shuttering and to much of lag .If my screen Recorder Setting 1080p-quality high-60fps Recording Footage is here




  • @ARP_ASUS Can you please define What is the Problem?

    My Friend Rog 5 (8/128gb)90fps BGMI Game Play Not Shuttering . Screen Recorder Footage is here(Xmode And Without Xmode)

    Friend Software version Rog5 (8/128)

    My Rog 5 (12/256gb) 90fps BGMI Game Play is Shuttering . Screen Recorder Footage is here(Xmode And Without Xmode)

    My Software version Rog5 (12/256)

  • Is your friend change Main board for any problem?? I think that the problem comes after replacing Motherboard.. Asus Makes fool of us..

  • Yah it's to wifi issue change for motherboard but He has no shuttering issue.You see that the two videos Mine heavy lag shuttering but Dev's and developers not able to speak their issue.

  • Still not replying their issue

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    Not sure what you expect @ARP_ASUS to do. If you're only facing this issue after motherboard replacement and your friend don't have this issue, it is clearly nothing to do with software.

    Therefore, it is recommended you go back to the service centre and let them know that something is wrong after the motherboard have been replaced.

  • Like I said before, its a firmware issue and not the motherboard issue.

    Your friend's firmware version .86 is very old from last year, when the X-Mode and other settings were working.

    With the latest firmware .210, the System Modes like X-Mode, Dynamic, Ultra Durable and Advanced are not working and all of them are clocking at the same 1.08GHz to 1.42GHz and not utilizing the full 2.84GHz clock speed.

    There is no difference in performance and clock speeds when you activate X-Mode or change the Thermal Limit, CPU, GPU and RAM Performance to all High in Advanced or Game Scenario Profile, which is why your phone is lagging because I am experiencing the same thing after motherboard replacement.

    The temporary workaround for now is through "Advanced Hardcore Tuning" in Game Scenario Profile until they release a new firmware update to fix the issue. I am now getting much better performance than X-Mode than when I first bought the phone with Advanced Hardcore Tuning Profile.

    The Armoury Crate Software is also bugged as it does not apply the Advanced Hardcore Tuning Profile automatically. You have to first open the game and then lock the phone using the power button and then unlock the phone using pattern or your fingerprint and then resume the game for the profile to apply changes or take effect.

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    Maybe a reply from them that they are looking into the issue or forwarded the issue to the software or technical team or anything would be nice. They are completely ignoring any threads relating to the performance issues. There are threads from 10 or 11 days that are still unanswered, when I see them answering on other threads.

    My above comment proves that it is not a hardware issue. And I have recorded videos of the issue as well with X-Mode ON and OFF.

    My phone is only 1 month old and I have not been able to use the phone properly. Its almost going to be three months now, most of the days wasted lying in the service center to be repaired because of the Wi-Fi issue and now I am not getting the performance as it is suppose to. So, yes you got one really angry customer here.

  • Then don't know what's the problem?? Only Asus i must say😭😭😭😭

  • Yes Exactly, it seems your friend firmware is working well on this issue, latest Firmware is the culprit here

  • ronald1985ronald1985 Level 5

    A reply was given by ARP_ASUS in the other thread. There was no issues for ARP_ASUS.

    Under Armoury Crate in the Console tab, there should be a customize X-mode (not sure what it is called exactly) but if you press on that, you can configure the default X-mode. This is so you don't need to go into the individual games to configure X-mode.

    The fact the OP came from service centre and it only happens since then seems to relate back to the hardware changes the OP made.

  • You are missing the point. I had already mentioned in my previous comment that the CPU is clocked at 1.42GHz no matter what settings I use other than the Advanced Hardcore Tuning Profile.

    The System Modes like X-Mode, Dynamic, Ultra Durable and Advanced found in Armoury Crate are all bugged. All of them are clocking at the same 1.42GHz and there is no difference in performance and clock speeds when I activate X-Mode or set the Thermal Limit, CPU, GPU and RAM performance to all High in Advanced or Game Scenario Profile.

    If changing the settings in Advanced Hardcore Tuning in Game Scenario Profile restores my performance to the original 2.84Ghz and activating X-Mode or Game Tuning doesn't, doesn't it already tell you that it is a software issue and not a hardware issue?

    I am facing the same issue as the OP and I have recorded videos as proofs showing only 1.42GHz with X-Mode ON when previously when I first bought the phone I use to get the full 2.48GHz clock speed with X-Mode ON.

    For now I am using the manual Advanced Hardcore Tuning Profile to work around this buggy firmware and restore the original performance that I am suppose to get with the X-Mode ON but even then the profile would not apply automatically. I have to first open the game then lock the phone using the power button and then unlock the phone and resume the game for the profile to apply changes or take effect for some games. So yeah it's a software issue.

    And also the reason ARP_ASUS is not noticing any of this is because he's only playing games with light graphics that doesn't require much processing power and he's not checking his clock speed constantly or that he's happy with the performance he's getting or he might be one of the lucky few who did not get affected by the bug.

  • What settings i have to tweak in hardcore tuning for maximum performance? Please share with me with screenshots!

    I have also facing the same problem, CPU goes Max 1.42, please share

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    Yah bro my friend firmware to old I accepted but I also tried for stock rom update. And below .86 version . I off the automatic update .The phone will run on .75 version BGMI installed and playing still the problems remins shuttering.After update .95 version still continues issues.Aftet update continues issues.Till now .210 update I tried all versions the problem coming.

    My friends says .83 version is my current update and also i check for .210 update in system he didn't not show . Your system is up to date .He also change motherboard in service center.but the update release on .210 version the date was 27/12/2021.But he checked on 05/01/2022 still not show their .210 update . Rog5 (8/128) friends model.

    Reference screenshot

    That was my doubt same model Rog5 but ram and memories different.mine 12/256 and friend model 8/128.rog5 only not 5s .My update current version .210 but they didn't get it still only .83 he said still the date try for .210 version system says you system is up -to -date. He play lag free gaming BGMI on 90fps smooth play not shuttering but mine heavy shuttering and lag .It's a phone issue(like Hardware)also throttling issue Not at all users are some user get the kind of these issues Example me And thediscussion users .so please conform their issue And Replace the phone unit also. @ARP_ASUS

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    This is the settings that I am using right now.

    I followed this guide to change the settings. (copy and paste it on your browser)

    I am still experimenting with the settings and its not perfect but I was able to get 2.84Ghz and the temperature never goes above 50C with the cooler while with my original motherboard the temperature would go up to 55C.

    After you make the same profile from the video. First open the game and then press the power button on the phone to lock the screen and the unlock the phone with pattern or fingerprint and resume the game for the profile to apply changes or take effect. If you don't do this the profile will not work as the Armoury Crate software is bugged.

  • Bro this link is on Chinese, please share it with english

  • O

    Translated but I can't understand at all, seems like hard luck, I am not that kycht of tech savvy... Hope Asus fix this in their next Update

  • See the video I have uploaded and follow the instructions from my previous comment.

  • Even you try any settings shuttering complaint issue always coming because it's phone issue. shuttering ,lag,not throttling etc etc.These kind of devices not get proper 90fps Not all devices least devices affect these kind of issues.

  • Dont know if they are working it or not? Otherwise this device is worthless.

  • Yeah, a reply would have been nice but as you already know. We won't get any reply from them. I am getting really tired of this.

    I really want to throw this phone away. This is the worst gaming phone but they still claim and promote false advertising that this is the best Gaming Smartphone of the year. This phone is full of bugs and hardware issues.

    This is coming from an honest user and not those YouTubers who only test the phone for a few days and only speak positive of the phone.

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