Android 12 speakerphone issue

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I have recently updated to Android 12 using the firmware file from asus' website, everything seems to be working fine other than the speakerphone which suffers from a serious echo problem. People complain about hearing themselves whenever I use the speakerphone. I tried recording a call and could hear the echo in the recording as well. If I switch back from speakerphone to normal then the echo is gone.

I have downgraded back to android 11 and it does not have this issue, so I assume it's a firmware bug.


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    I have this issue too. It's not related to Android version (at least for me). If it's hardware issue try to switch to speaker and set volume to maximum, and ask person to talk (not you). He/she should hears echo.

    I have this issue on every FW and both A11/A12. In my case issue seems to be hardware (with MIC).

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    I have this issue too. In my case it seems that it's hardware issue and doesn't matter if it's A11 or A12. It persists on every FW since I purchased it.

    You can check it on A11 by turning speaker on during call and set it's volume to max. Then ask person on the line to talk something. I guess he/she will hear echo and some strange sounds. I'm pretty sure it should be on A11 for you too if you have it on A12.

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    I tried again (on Android 11) with speaker volume on max (even had outdoor mode on) and did not face an echo issue. For me it truly does seem like an Android 12 exclusive issue.

  • I got my phone today and I have this issue as well, can't use speakerphone. Extremely annoying. Do in y'all think this will/can be fixed? @CH_ASUS

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    It seems like HW issue. I would recommend you to contact authorized repair center or ASUS technical support first.

    At least in my case, but I guess it's the same. What MFD (written on the box) by the way?

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    Alright I will do that, thank you.

    Mfd: 2021.08

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