Random spontaneous reboots since OTA 18.1220.2112.175

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Hi people.

My Rog Phone 5S Pro started rebooting spontaneously since OTA 18.1220.2112.175 was installed. Not necessarily while using it, sometimes it does that even if it's not being used.

No overheating, no problems before the OTA was installed. Unrooted, and never tampered with the boot loader.

Anyone had the same issue? Any useful advice (besides the obvious... a factory reset is not an acceptable one since nothing strange has been done by me)?


  • No replies? On reddit at least one user replied with the same issue, but no solutions so far...

    Is this forum even alive?

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    Hi. I have the same problem. Shop Service where I bought this brick didn't solve the problem.

    Also, stupid forum rules doesn't allow me to upload or paste link to BUG Report.

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    How often does this happen to you?

    If happens in a reasonable time, can you reboot into safe mode and see if it reboots automatically.

    Change the . to be [dot] so it doesn't show as a link. The rule is there to stop spammers and is used in quite a lot of forums.

  • Then what's the reason of Bug Report functionality - if I am not able to paste even zip here?

    Rithorical question

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    That's because it is to control spam. Like o have said, replace the . With dot so you can put in a link. At the very least, I or someone can recopy that link for you and repost.

    You will eventually have the ability to post links, it's just that you need to be more active and rank in levels.

  • Frequency of the problem was once every day. Meanwhile I used the mobile manager (settings > advanced) to clear the cache of every single app. This seems to have had some effect, but it has only been 3 days. Can anyone else with the problem try that?

    If I happen to have more spontaneous reboots, is there any log or something one can check or upload? (my phone is not rooted so I believe logcats and such are not an option). Thanks in advance.

  • Happened tonight again. Are there any news on a fix?

  • Since the 18.1220.2201.186 update I had no more problems. I would have liked some answers to the questions I placed (like how can I collect logs on a non rooted phone) but I guess this forum leaves quite a bit to be desired in terms of helpfulness. Things are what they are, I guess. At least the device has otherwise been meeting expectations, despite the lack of decent games on Android.

    Mods, you can close this topic, problem no longer occurs in latest update. Thanks to the few that responded.

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