Is there no back button on the Zenfone 8

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Apparently I'm used to using the back button a lot. I can't find it anywhere on my Zenfone 8 which seems very weird?


  • Above is the screenshot from my Zenfone 5z & steps present in Zenui 6. I am not sure of options with Zenui 8 on Zenfone 8. But i hope options present in all Zenui versions are pretty same.

    Go to Settings>Display>System Navigations and use Navigation Bar/Swipe up on home button option to get back button at the bottom of your screen.

    Note :- If you cant find System Navigation option in display option than simply open the Settings and search System Navigations in search bar and you can set the option you desire.


  • So how it works in the zenfone 8 is you swipe from either the right or left edge of your screen to inward of your screen

  • You also always change to fixed buttons instead of gestures control.

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