New color scheme Android 12

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Hope Asus puts out the new Android 12 color scheme as it`s one of the cool things it has in this update,,, I saw a list of companies that are including this, but Asus wastn`t on this list :(


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    Color scheme?

    Do you mean the dynamic theming engine? that's not a part of android 12 code base and is expected to drop for everyone on "Android 12.1" or so google says (which is again a question mark as to when it'll drop and how many OEMs implement it and at what pace)

    Some OEMs like samsung and oppo have a custom implementation (a themestore in the latter)

    And Asus didn't implement anything of the sort in android 12 based on zen ui 8 (basically zen ui 8.5)

    Zen ui 9 will come with Zenfone 9 (new zen ui versions come with new Zenfone's,Zen ui upgrades are bigger upgrades with new feature drops and changes compared to the ".5" android upgrades which mostly just includes the android feature upgrades)

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