AppLock issue in 5z

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Worse case in 5z

Most of the time fingerprint (8/10) does not work in app lock.( Fingerprint does scrolling work but does not unlock the app)

Sometimes both fingerprint and face lock does not work. It shows camera locked(even I have not covered the front camera at all)

This is very irritating when both fingerprint and face lock does not work and u have to manually unlock with pattern.

I have shared the screenshot of this issue

2 thing when the locked app gets unlocked then also the notification of app lock stays . A thread has been already made for this issue and @CH_ASUS u have replied on it but still reminding for the same again..

Means ur default app lock is creating many problems, so plsssss it's a request to solve this immediately. I don't use any third party application.

First ss is for notification that @CH_ASUS u have already seen.

See the second one where fingerprint does scrolling work and face unclock does not work at all. This problems continuously stays or face lock takes time to unlock. I have to restart my device.

Both the screenshots are provided.

Pls fix this asap.

Any 5z user facing this problem??

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