Charging Error after .188 update

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  1. Model Name: ROG Phone 5
  2. Firmware Version: Latest .188
  3. Rooted or not: Not
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: Always
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After latest update My original charger is not able to charge device..

Happened after latest Update..

Yesterday when I plugged into charger at 3.34 AM, the charge was 17% but when I saw at morning arround 8.25 it's only 55% charged, don't know what's the problem??

When saw at 8.50 AM, it's only 4% charged, 59%, too much slow, tried to switch off the device & then charge, no result even battery drops at 58%(connected to Charger)

In settings showed 39 mins to full charge, but already 1 hour gone no result, charge shows 58%(no up no down)

Hyper charging not working at all, even in steady charging or normal, charge shows 58% for 2 hours..

After that I tried with the cable & my powerbank, there shows fast charging instead of hyper charging(may be powerbank don't allow it) & battery charging normally, when I plugged into the original charger, shows charging also shows hypercharging but battery is at same level for long long time!

Actually I want to know that's the original Adapter problem or something else? When I plugged my other device to Original Charger, it charges(showing fast charging, may be my other phone does not have hypercharging facility) it seems original Adapter/Cable working fine

Don't have this problem prior to latest update(.188), also don't know whats the main problem behind that, also tried another wall socket, no luck..

All other phone charging with my asus original Charger except my ROG 5, it's stuck on same level when I plugged in, from yesterday charging was very slow for my information.

My Asus Orginal Charger is charging all other devices except ROG 5 🤣🥲

Device charges fine when plugged into powerbank with original cable!

So the Adapter is not faulty nor the original wire, only problem arises when tried to charge ROG 5.

Please check the attachment for clear view.

Yesterday night in 4.5 hours, device charges only 35% is this joke?

Atfirst Wifi/Hotspot now charging problem after latest update! Want my refund, don't want to continue with this buggy device.

(When I switch off then charge it's show same level for long hours, when tried to charge in device on same thing, Steady charging/Normal charging no luck)

I want my refund, anyone know the procedure pls let me know, really don't continue with this shitty device.

This is not normal that original charges can't charge the original device, all other devices working fine & the device it self charging fine with my powerbank, really abnormal.

You can see in my Screenshots that with powerbank it's fast charging not hypercharge though it's charging, but in other screenshot there is battery graph, where you can see a gape.



  • Steady Charging not working anymore..

    Battery did not charge at all when steady Charging activate, I have to disable it for charging.

    Issue arises after latest update, any solution? Problem with steady charging

  • The charging program is either still bugged or it has detected a problem and switched to 5v 500mA, the device not being switched off it had to charge at 300-350mA, which corresponds to the times and% that you give with the charger ASUS.

    With all the other chargers and the powerbanq everything is normal, at best the detection is fast but cannot be hyper-fast 65w, there should only be 2 or 3 chargers on the market including the one from asus taking this charge.

    The cache and data may be corrupted or there is a bug, a condition that prevents it from going into super-fast charging and the program does not test 10, 18, 30 watt modes

    try to clear the cache and the data of power master (maybe others but here I leave the floor to Asus) and load with the phone off.

    Note: do as you want but with all the charging problems encountered, heating, 0% charge, battery drain, etc ... it's the worst idea to charge at night, especially with the phone on, at best, as it takes over the charge regularly as it consumes, you decrease the battery life.

  • Hi [email protected]@@@@123,

    If your phone is under warranty and charger is under 6 months old you can visit SC to have a check for charger.

  • That charger charger normally my other android devices, So charger is not faulty!!

    Also changed the wall socket no luck!

    I don't want servicing anymore, I want my refund can you help me with this??

  • Can you Please elaborate in more details!! I understand that I will not charge my phone at night..

    It's the charger or something the culprit??

    Steady charging not working anymore, device did not charge if I activate Battery Care/Steady charging

    Problem started after updating to latest firmware.

    Also cleared cache & force top powermaster, don't know that will help me or not?

  • Showing Hypercharge, but takes too long to charge!!

    I am sure it's not hyper charge,look like random local charger also gave me best support from it!

  • I am activated Scheduled charging 12 AM to 7 AM daily with steady charging, don't think that I leave charger overnight!!

    Everything working well before the latest firmware, everyday when I woke up device is 90%(charger limit is 90%) but after latest firmware I saw that charging time is very slow compare to before..

    Now not taking charge as normally when I activate Battery Care(steady charging/schedule charging).

    I think that this is the software glitch, day by day new new bug arises in this shitty device...

  • Sorry for your issue... But my case is different here after updating .188 firmware: everytime I charge my phone only for one hour (I guess it's good not to charge it longer);

    After funbike advice I charge it with only QC2 charger, everytime it will charge up +/-60% in one hour, but today it can charge up +/-80% in one hour; not sure this is an improvement or will damage the battery faster... Will confirm the data again in next round of charging

  • FunBike31FunBike31 Level 4
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    I was not aware of the use of the scheduled charge which should be supposed to stop charging at the set time.

    For my part I never knew how to use it, I tried all the possible settings, combined or not with the alarm clock, the phone continues to charge and currently I still do not understand how to define a schedule. end of charge, so I do not use it.

    If necessary, I have a Mustool usb tester which allows the charge to be stopped under several conditions

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