Phone stays at 1% for very long and battery keeps charging above 100%

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I recently started using Accubattery after noticing that battery life on my ZF8 was terrible. My observations are the following :

-If I stay between 2% and 99%, the battery life is really bad and I get an estimated battery of 3000mAh.

-At 100%, the battery keeps on charging for about a full hour at around 250-300mA, which is equal to almost 10% more battery (!) before it finally stops charging and shows 0mA of current charge.

-At 1%, the phone keeps working for really long, sometimes for several hours. It seems to draw about 400mAh at 1% before it actually dies. The percentage indicator is working really badly, the phone virtually goes from -15% to +110%.

That's why Accubattery calculates a 3000mAh battery, because between 1 and 99% it is actually 3000. 25% of this battery is spent on 100%+ or 1%-.

When taking that into account, battery life isn't terrible at all, it's just normal. But when you try to use it between 10 and 90%, it's actually like using it between 25 and 80%, so it doesn't last long.

I know this is a common behavior of battery indicators, but here it's REALLY extreme, I've had a lot of smartphones in the last 10 years and have never seen something as extreme as that. Am I the only one to notice that? Obviously it's fixable by software, hope we'll see an update soon.


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