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Will the ZenFone 9 come with android 12 or 11 ?

When can we expect the ZenFone 9?

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    Thanks for that 👍

    PS I only asked because I googled it the other day to see what would come up and I found something that gave the specs as A 11 .

    It didn't make sense

  • I learned my lesson and I will never ever again buy a new phone (flagship one) which comes with previous major OS version when the current is already available

  • Why? It will be cheaper if same vendor already has newer model on market.

    Some other vendors have better support, I mean, issue more OS updates.

    So, why not.

  • I'm not sure if you understood me correctly so I'll give you an example

    lets take ZF7, it shipped with A10 but A11 was released just month after that and because of that we had to wait and we all know how long and painfull journey it was...and now when we have kind of ok release of A11, we'll have to wait a long time for A12

    the point is also that when OEM declares they'll provide 2 major OS version releases, you'll miss one if your device entered the market with the older Android version when the new one was already available (or was available very shortly after that)

  • Name a list of devices on the last 2 years for example, launched with the Android version that usually and often it is officially launched with the Pixel smartphones, which mostly are launched in the autumn :) Not only Asus it is in the same situation, but I have to admit that a few promised more than 2 upgrades. But also, important is how fast an OEM upgrade with the newest version. Asus definitely had and have their problems, but it is not quite the worst, even at the flagship level. Sure, ZenFone 7/7 Pro seems to be in the end of the platoon and this definitely creates frustrations.

  • well I can just compare to OnePlus...I had OP6 which recently received A11, phone was released in May 2018 (Android 8.1) but is very similar to OP6T which was released in November 2018 (Android 9)

    or another OnePlus phones, their mid cycle releases with T, OP7T and OP8T which were also released with the current Android version and I believe they'll get one extra major OS release in comparison with OP7 or OP8 and if not, OP will try to update older devices with the same Android version if HW differences weren't that different

    I believe we end with Android 12 on ZF7 but if it had shipped with A11, there would be a higher chance to get A13 also

  • Well, the "annual" launch of the pristine version of the Android OS usually it is in the autumn, if I am not wrong. And indeed, during the time were a few having launches in the autumn with the newest OS, but as I mentioned and you too also, some (very few) continued with more than 2 OS upgrades. Also, keeping all and everything up to date it is not always a thrill. My 5Z it is still kept under Android 9 , as an example. But it is in a different league compared with my 7 Pro. My second device it is a Samsung device, by the way - I like also their UI and customizations and the productivity

  • And why would you want to buy another Asus? I got a ZF7 and now can't make internet calls which are my main form of communication. Save yourself the hassle and get a device that has proper support to, at least, introduced bugs.

  • The reason I buy Asus phones is I want android Auto, Miracast and be able to use a VPN while streaming via Miracast.

    I had a Samsung 9 for a while but when I tried to stream while using a VPN via Miracast it would kill the Miracast or the VPN.

    So far Asus zenfones are the only ones ticking all my boxes so I put up with the downside eg bugs slow updates

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