Confusion with the ZenFone 8 Flip Specifications

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I haven been reading the Technical Specifications for the ZenFone 8 Flip and have noticed that it appears there are two different variants of this phone regarding the Wireless Technology.

It appears that only one of these variants supports the LDAC and AptX HD Bluetooth codecs and the other does not. How do I determine which ZenFone 8 Flip has this particular wireless variant. Is there a specific model number for this phone?

Thanks for read my question and for any help you may provide.





  • Aptx,Aptx Hd and LDAC codecs are a part of open source android project since Android Oreo so basically all devices that came past Oreo should have it

  • Thank you for your response @Aryan202. This is indeed correct, however not all phones have LDAC or other codecs enabled. I already have 2 Android 10 phones that have LDAC disabled and unfortunately I cannot root these phones, so I can't manually change these settings.

    With regards to the ZenFone 8 Flip, I want to be absolutely sure that it can support LDAC codec at the high performance mode (96.0 kHz, 24bits/sample, 990kbps Bit Rate) as it costs $1,200 in my country and so I want to exploit the full potential of my newish headphones.

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