How Can I Get Official Asus Rog Hypercharge 65W Power Adapter In India

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  • And in brazil? Dont sell in oficial store

  • Hi GarvitKhatod,

    There aren't official ones from ASUS. You can check other ones that are available and check for compatibility and buy. Any nonproprietary chargers should work.

  • that was before, so No longer now with .176, maybe with the next firmware :(

    The Turbo power motorola 27w (sc-32) 5v and 9v 3A no longer works with the rog5 and the Fw. 176.

    It is recognized for a few seconds, displays the available ws and charging times, then displays that it is not supported (stable and super stable). Worse, the ROG 5 displays "charging", red led on and batt indicator, estimated charging time but "Absolutely not charging" - my 2 chargers work fine on my motorola and samsung and worked fine with the previous 3 Firmware on the Rog 5.

    Otherwise, yes, the majority of QC2, QC3, QC4 and QC5 compatible rapid chargers worked before, but this new problem makes me doubt.

  • Hello,

    As explained to ARP_ASUS and contrary to these statements you can have problems with certain chargers and the current firwware and unfortunately, it is those with a power of 25-30w which is the best compromise between charging speed / battery longevity.

    Anyway, here are two full compatible chargers tested, hoping that you will manage to find them. If this is not the case, I will give you others but which are not 65W.

    There is another Baseus 65w but not tested, there are also absolutely awesome USB cables with auto cut or display at Baseus.

  • Guys can you please confirm will this work with rog 5?

  • Me, who always gives too long answers, I believe that it is still too short or that my French-English translator is writing in Javanese :(

    I will therefore be more precise !!!

    There are 3 or 4 models only 65w 20v 3.25A in QC4, 4+, 5 and PPS 3.3 compatibility on the market, there are 3 on the 2 links.

    - Chargers that are compatible but do not offer 65w and present no risk to the battery or the smartphone. Stable (slow) and super stable (slow) loads are recognized

     All Quick Charge 1, 2, 3, 4, 4+, 5 (Qualcomm) chargers with one or more of these voltages, those of the Asus charger

    5v-3A (15w), 9v-3A (27w), 12v-3A (36w), 15v-3A (45w), 20v-3.25A (65w)

    Chargers that own brands that are compatible because their fast charges are Qualcomm 2, 3, or 4 compatible

    -Motorola, Lenovo, Samsung


    At best they will be recognized as a standard charger, at worst they won't charge anything, in theory it shouldn't be dangerous, but that's still theory.

    - All Chargers owner or specific to a non-Qualcomm SOC





    It is clearer ? Especially since the one you propose is certainly the one that has the most chance of being incompatible if not dangerous.

  • From amazon

    Third party charger only can charge at 30w

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