Zenfone 8 vs Rog 5 Best sound?

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I just got my zenfone 8 one day ago and it was such an anticlimax. I love that it offers a 3.5mm jack and I have heard and read that the Asus Zenfone 8 should have top of the line audio. But it was worse audio than my old Samsung S20. But now when I read more I can see that Asus Rog 5 is supposed to have better audio than the Zenfone 8. Is this true? does the Asus rog 5 have better audio? (or is Asus Rog 5 also plagued by the bad audio program in the phone? as the asus zenfone)

I want to know if I should send this one back and ask for a Asus Rog 5 instead? I have that option.


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    Can you tell exactly why it's worse.

    Are you using wireless or wired headphone?

    Afaik the rog 5 should has better audio with wired due to much better dac but not sure about wireless

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    I have only tested with the 3.5 mm jack. Maybe the 3.5mm jack is much worse than what I would get with earbuds? (i dropped my earbuds so cant test that right now)

    Using the 3.5mm jack with the zenfone 8 is really bad. The sound is muffled. No clarity at all. I would go so far and say that this is the worst 3.5mm jack sound experience in a very long time.

    So the Asus Rog 5 would have better audio when using the 3.5 mm jack? that would be important to me, since I use the 3.5mm jack at work.

  • Anyone else knows?

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    Zenfone 8 has the standard Snapdragon 888 dac

    Rog 5 uses an custom hi-fi ESS dac for the jack

    Overall in terms of audio quality Rog 5 is better compared to the Zenfone 8

    Both the speakers and audio jack

  • Sweet! Thanks for getting back to me. I'm getting the Rog 5

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    Great :)

    Just an FYI don't expect a lot from Rog phone's cameras and software updates that's what the Zenfone lineup does better

    Rog phone has it's strong suits in terms of performance,battery,audio and a great multimedia phone overall

    And the probable reason your headphones sounded "muffled" and not too good is that you're using an high impedance headphone which the standard dac on Zenfone 8 isn't able to drive properly

    This shouldn't be an issue on the ess dac on Rog 5

    One alternative with the Zenfone 8 is that you can get an external dac but that's totally your call

  • I hate that I have to choose between cameras and audio to be honest. I'm both an Audiophole and a cameraholic. I'm usually taking landscape pictures with the camera. But maybe time to buy a system camera then :).

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    Rog phone doesn't have a bad camera by any regards but the software algorithm on the Zenfone is better that I'd say and lack of ois on rog would be noticeable in low light shots

    As things stand you'll have to make a choice sadly between Zenfone and Rog

    What's more important faster updates and camera or audio quality and battery?

    Form factor and design is something else of a personal preference

  • Hey so finalised what to get?

  • ROG 5 audio is better

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