I want to praise the video camera - see my example.

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I fee like a quality of mobile videos don't don't get enough attention - in contradiction to photos. Typically when you see a review of a camera, only a small part of it is about video. Zenfone 8 shoots propably the best Android phone videos. I think it its an only Android with both main cam and ultrawide 4k @ 60fps compatible. Just take a look at short video from my holiday, i didn't use a gimball or any stabilization in edit. Unfortunately, the quality is little worsen here due to Youtube and editing-software compression.



  • Just watched your video, beautiful stuff! 🙂

    And yeah, 4K @ 60 FPS really shines with EIS. It's probably my favorite way to shoot video on the Zenfone 8 as well.

    Do you tinker with anything in post or is that footage straight from the camera app?

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    It's straight from camera, but I should go with less compression when exporting from edit, because raw files were little crispier, unfortunatelty I don't have acces to raw footage anymore. I am a big fan of 4K @ 60 FPS and i don't get why most people chose 30fps, even if they are not making any cinematic footage. I recently discovered that I can even get some nice zoom while shooting in 8K and then extending the frame. It's without stabilization but good for stable scenes.

  • The only problem is that the chip is really overheating , so after 10 minutes of 1080 60frames the phone is getting really hot in the case, it got scary hot, I have a piece of paper on the back of my phone and it got a burn spot because of the heating issues

  • Damn that's amazing. Wish they would tune the camera for 3rd party apps a little better tho. As of rn, the ISO and over brightening of videos and pictures for Snapchat and Instagram are absolutely horrible 🥲

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    This is amazing. Is part of the video from Croatia?

    I dont know about you guys but low light video looks terrible on my unit.

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    Yes, Split and Plitvice Lakes :)

    When you record in low light, try with manual settings and set the ISO for yourself. When you are shooting automatic, image appears brighter than real life but with more noise du to higher iso.

  • I am from Croatia, nice to see forum member fellow is enjoying my country.

    Thanks for the tip on manual settings regarding video.


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    Here is another video, this time with quite different setting (autumn mode on!) :)


  • You are on point, reviews really doesn't understand that people want take videos more and more.

    "pictures, you mean motion pictures?" ;)

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