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Hi guys, im using rog phone 2(ZS660KL) i have been having this problem for quite long time but I cant take it anymore after all i have tried yesterday. When playing online games using mobile data, the network always gone and back to normal after a few second. Its not that i having a trouble with my network provider. Online games work fine if i was using wifi or portable hotspot connection. This really affect me because i mostly use mobile data everytime and i dont have access to wifi when i am at home. This really not what i am expecting from a gaming phone. I have tried factory reset everything and still didnt work. Its really bother me to always use protable hotspot before i can play online game. Hope someone can help me with this issue and thank you in advance.


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    What do you mean by "network is always gone"? What does the screen look like? Slow connection? dropped/disconnected connection?

    What you can do is prevent the connection from switching from one to another by going to Armoury Crate and choosing the game you play and press on Scenario Profile. Under Network, turn on Prevent switching networks.

    If you are not using Wifi at all, I would leave that off completely and prevent it from turn it on. To prevent it from turning on, go to Settings - Wifi - press on the 3 dots - Advanced - Untick Turn on Wifi Automatically.

  • The speed is stable and what i mean by gone is the game always said reconnecting to the server and when i check my network. It was on full bar, and nothings wrong with the network. I also made a complain to my network service provider before and it was not the issue. It also work just fine if i play online games with my other phone but only got the trouble with my rog 2 when playing online games. My netflix, youtube etc. got no trouble with network. It just when playing online game. I have tried what you suggest before and it does not solve the issue. Thank you for replying tho. Really appreciate that

  • Update. Now the phone starting to freeze and shutdown randomly. And mostly happen when gaming, sometime when I am not gaming also happen. I guess Asus rog phone is not a good phone for gaming. Maybe just the design that is worth it... To show other people that you are a gamer while the phone isn't really working properly. I have been to services center couple of time and now the phone is worthless because it already out of warranty. Such a waste that I can't even use it for 2 years. Would suggest anyone to avoid buying rog phone because I have been seeing every complain of rog phone is mostly the same. Shame on asus

  • Hi @ravisyafrizal,

    If you are still facing this issue and according to what you've described I will recommend you to visit your local Asus Service Center.

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