Bad 3rd party video recording *w/ proof*

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I made 2 videos on Snapchat with the Zenfone 8 and 6 to show that the 8 is less optimized than the 6 for 3rd party videos and pictures. The low mic issue was quickly fixed on the 8 so thank you Asus! However, the video quality still needs to be optimized cause the low light performance is very bad.

The Zenfone 8 still performs very bad in low light compared to the 6 and is very very choppy/laggy. Please fix the low light performance Asus! Thanks.

@Kris_ASUS @Gustav_ASUS Lmk if you guys need anymore info. Thank you 😊


  • @off2fly115 We're looking into it. I'll send you instructions on how to generate a device log via PM as well.

  • Sounds great, thank you! I will work on sending you the log today.

  • The reason this is happening is due to snapchat being capped to 6000 bitrate. As you can see when you compare both the ZF 6 and ZF8 to each other you will realize that the ZF6 has lower resolution and much lower bitrate, hence it's able to record a fluid 30FPS video, however the case with the ZF 8 it records in a higher resolution and much higher bitrate (capped 6k) this is why the video you recorded only runs at 15fps.

    Go into snapchats video settings and try to change the setting and record again.

  • Nah, this isn't the case. Snapchat doesn't allow you to change the recording resolution/fps. And even more, the bitrate and fps isn't related to the problem. The Zenfone 8 records perfectly in daylight as with the Zenfone 6. Trust me, I've been using Snapchat cameras on Zenfone 3, 4, 5, 6 and now 8 so I've delt with this issue almost every generation until Asus fixes it.

    What's causing the laggy low light video for the Zenfone 8 is that they tuned the camera to allow more light in. So it looks good when the phone is stationary, but as soon as you move the phone, the light in the video becomes streaky and laggy. If you compare my Zenfone 8 footage to the Zenfone 6 footage, you can see this because the Zenfone 6 footage was far more darker in lower light than the Zenfone 8 because it doesn't try to brighten up the video/image as much. Hence why Zenfone 6 records smoother videos than the Zenfone 8 in lower light cause it's not overworking itself. I hope Asus can find a good like between good lower light performance and smooth video recording on 3rd party apps.

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