Where can I purchase replacement RGB lights?

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I have an Asus ROG Strix G15 G512LW

The lower left RGB light on my machine has failed. I have visually inspected the lower left PCB and it's a hardware fault, likely due to damage. Hooking up the lower right PCB to the lower left connector results in a light, indicating the failure is on the lower left PCB. Additionally, there are black marks on the lower left PCB.

There are many numbers on the PCB,


G532LWS_La_L (the a could be a 5, 6, or a B, it's very ambiguous looking)



I would like to purchase a replacement, although I have been unable to find out how to get a real person to walk me through it at support. When I go to support it leads to a page with "Contact Support

Choose the contact that you prefer" with a blank page below it. Additionally, I've been unable to register my product as the model name does not appear in the registration menu (but when I input the serial number on support, it correctly identifies it as a G512LW anyway...)

My laptop looks quite silly with the left lights out of commission, I am willing to pay quite handsomely for the replacement part, if someone could just please direct me to whom I need to pay, that would be fantastic.


  • Hi there,

    Please kindly send the device to our service center.

    Our engineer will check on the RGB lights and provide quotation to you.

    Please try again to register the device, there has been some technical issue these days.

    You should be able to key in the SN, and then the model and product type should be automatically chosen for you.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Blake,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Unfortunately, my device is in regular use for my daily study, I won't be able to go without it for more than a couple days until late November. I don't believe there's an 'authorized' technician in my city, meaning I'd have to send the device elsewhere, and they'd have to retain the machine for the duration of obtaining the component, which in my experience often takes weeks.

    I know exactly which component need replacing. it's the lower left PCB with 3 RGB lights connected to the motherboard via ribbon cable. Is there version of this where I can purchase this component specifically and have it mailed to me or available for pickup somewhere in my city (with the understanding that if the replacement component doesn't resolve the issue for some reason, it's on me)? Or does ASUS policy prevent you from allowing customers to perform even these trivial repairs?

    As you suggested, I attempted registering again, however like last time, it prompted me to select the product name/model from an absolute bohemoth dropdown of which G512LW was not a part. I've tried in both firefox and chrome.


  • Hi there,

    Yes, for you product, we do not recommend customer to dismantle the device themselves. So we would not provide part for you to replace it.

    If you are going through other third party channel, we would not interfere.

    For you registration issue, please kindly provide your SN in the PM I send you.

    Thank you.

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